Red-eared sliders are very popular pet turtle the have come to be a staple in the reptile-keeping community. They have actually a high task level and pretty colors, making castle a an excellent choice for a wide variety of owners.

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But just due to the fact that a types is popular, it doesn’t mean they’re a breeze to treatment for. In this instance, the red-eared slider calls for some particular habitat problems in order to flourish as a pet.

This overview will do things simple for you, by covering everything you must know around red-eared slider care. You will do it learn about their tank setup, habitat, diet, lifespan, size, and many an ext helpful facts!

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Species Summary

The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is a renowned turtle species with a little of an exciting history.

In the past, this turtles had actually a call for having a quick lifespan, yet not lot was known about the requirements of this distinct reptile. Luckily, your outlook in bondage has boosted a many as enthusiasts learned an ext about the species!


Shell rot is one more health concern that’s usually resulted in by unhygienic water. Bacteria and fungus deserve to eat v the shell, and also a buildup that algae can be come blame for that together well.

Improve water conditions and scrub her turtle’s shell with a toothbrush to store algae off. Covering rot deserve to lead come a host of internal problems, for this reason you need to see a vet as shortly as possible. This is specifically true if the shell becomes soft or damaged.

Behavior & Temperament

The red-eared slider is a quirky species. On land, they bask in the light and also usually sit in one spot as they relax. However the moment they get in the water, they’re turn off to the races!

These tortoise are an effective and agile swimmers. They move surprisingly fast in the water thanks to your webbed feet.

Interestingly enough, red-eared sliders aren’t supervisor territorial. They deserve to cohabitate through others v very tiny fighting. The said, it’s constantly a good idea to keep likewise sized tortoise together. Like any kind of other animal, a enlarge specimen will certainly bully the runt!

You could see this species playing together. Sometimes, they’ll even stack on peak of each other as lock bask.

Expert Tip: Red-eared sliders are quickly startled. If they’re startled through a according to noise, most will easily jump in the water come hide!

Handling Tips

Excessive dealing with is not recommended v these reptiles. This is despite the truth that red-eared sliders have the right to grow much more comfortable with person interaction (this is especially true through captive-born turtles).

However, none are ever going to enjoy being handled. much more feisty turtles may shot to bite you if you organize them as well much. Rather will just scurry away when you approach.

Only manage your red-eared slider once you require to move them. Be gentle and also quick. End time, your turtle should acquire used to quick handling. Simply respect their room and gain them from the boundaries of the enclosure.


As lengthy as she knowledgeable and also diligent, you do not do it be intimidated by red-eared slider care. These turtles have the right to be a most fun to own, i beg your pardon is why they’re so popular!

We recommend the you familiarize yourself v all facets of their care, and also any various other facts you can find useful. Being a well-informed owner will cause a much better quality the life for her pet (and a longer life too).

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If you have anything you’d favor to ask us after reading this treatment guide, feel totally free to send end a message! We’re constantly eager to hear from ours readers.