Wild Dolphin Updates


More Than fifty percent of newborn Calves are Observed during Spring

Throughout nature, spring marks a duration of renewal and also growth for plenty of animals. This has the dolphin that contact Clearwater bay home. March and April present the greatest birthing month throughout the year. For example, last year our team reported see seven new calves throughout these two months while another six calves were born periodically with the remainder of the year.

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Bottlenose dolphin mating behavior.

Bottlenose dolphins have an mean gestation (pregnancy period) of 12 months. This also method that the spring is a usual mating season because that our wild dolphin community. As soon as a bottlenose dolphin is born, it deserve to be in between three to four feet in length. Prefer all mammals, dolphins own hair in the form of “whiskers” on the rostrum. These only remain top top the animal for a couple of days and is thought to help the calf in locating the proper nursing ar on that is mother. Child calves additionally have apparent fetal wrinkles markings on your body; a attribute our team provides to confirm a newborn.

China and her calf through newborn fetal fold marking visible.

Ensuring infant Dolphins make it through the First few Years

From this point on, the mother will virtually exclusively be responsible for her calf’s survival. Her goal will certainly be to teach the calf everything it needs to understand to one day survive top top its own. Because that this reason, females will commonly rear a calf for two to six or more years. Further, as result of the physical invest she undergoes v her gestation and subsequent rearing, she will not have another calf till the one she is at this time caring for is independent. As result of a lack of survive skills, part calves carry out not make it previous their first year of life. In this case, ours team has found that a mother will wait around two years prior to having another calf for our research population.

Some mother we anticipate welcome a brand-new calf into 2019 areBundle,Miko and also Pirate!


Learn an ext about our local wild dolphin population on a Dolphin Adventure tour this spring.

Contributed through Savannah Gandee & Chelsea Parsons, CMA education Team.

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Research conducted and photographs gathered under the NMFS Scientific study Permit No. 19749.