When celebrities share the exact same surname, it’s only herbal to wonder even if it is or no they may be related.

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Actresses Emma Roberts and also Julia Roberts are, in fact, related. Julia Roberts is the Aunt of Emma Roberts. It has actually been confirmed that fellow American actor, Eric Roberts, is not just the father of Emma Roberts, but likewise the older brother of Julia Roberts. Julia has due to the fact that revealed her close connection with her niece, in spite of having a rocky connection with her brother.

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Read an ext below about Julia’s close connection with Emma, despite her estranged brother.

Roberts family members Drama

From the outside, it’s simple to assume that the well known family also share your passions together off screen; however, this is no necessarily the case.

Born in Mississippi and also raised in Georgia, Eric was inseparable indigenous his sister Julia and also Lisa Roberts. After their parents’ divorce as soon as he to be 15 year old, his sisters relocated out with their mother, when he stayed with his father.

After climbing to reputation in film and also television, Eric ultimately ended up abusing drugs and alcohol; which take it a toll fee on his family and specifically his partnership with his sister and also daughter.

In an interview v Vanity Fair, he reveals the “I was exhausting to it is in around. Complainy, blamey, can not to enjoy enjoyment. Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that should have had Julia”.

The drama ongoing in 1993 when Julia shocked the celebrity world, siding v Eric’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham during a custody fight over their daughter, Emma Roberts. Having actually grown personal from her sibling and also forming a close relationship with her niece, Julia helped Kelly fund the legal process.

The pair went almost 10 year without talking yet despite the fallout’s out, the siblings rejoined in 2004 as soon as Julia gave birth come twins. Due to the fact that then, Julia and Eric’s relationship has actually been earlier on track. Eric tells Vanity Fair that the pair are currently “email buddies” and have commemorated a variety of holidays together.

As because that Emma, the young actress tho does not have actually the finest relationship through her father. However, it has been revealed the she has actually grown exceptionally close to her stepmother, Eric’s wife Eliza Roberts.

Like Aunt, choose Niece

Although Eric Roberts likes to case to it is in responsible because that the success the both his sister and also daughter, that was, in fact, Julia Roberts who assisted Emma get to whereby she is today.

In an interview v Glamour in 2015, Emma describes “My mom and I would continue to be with mine Aunt Julia once I was yes, really young, so I prospered up on sets”.

Emma caught the acting pest from a very young age and often refers to an old polaroid photo of it s her on the collection of Erin Brockovich, wearing one of her Aunt’s costume from the movie with the biggest smile on her face.

She likewise recalls spending she childhood on set and in she Aunt’s dressing room, detailing how she would certainly cry at any time she had actually to leave.

Just favor her Aunt, Emma Roberts make her acting debut in ~ a really young age; securing a function in the 2001 film punch at just nine years old. This to be the very first film she auditioned for so it’s for sure to say that acting is certainly in she blood.

Both women have left their mark on the display screen over the years, securing many awards, nominations and also titles. Both Julia and also Emma have received MTV Movie Awards and Teen selection Awards, among many various other prestigious prizes.

You can watch Emma Roberts talk around her Aunt Julia and growing up surrounding by the film sector in the YouTube video below.

Are Emma & Julia connected to any kind of Other Roberts?

It’s famed by now that Emma and Julia Roberts are, in fact, related; yet is it feasible that either of lock is connected to any kind of other celebrity Roberts’?

Although Emma and Julia are perhaps the most renowned ‘Roberts’ in the industry, there room a number of other renowned Roberts’ that spring to mind.

Fellow American actress Tanya Roberts or Canadian model and also actress Rachel Roberts could also potentially have some sort of a link in the household tree. Probably the so late Everybody Loves Raymond star Doris Roberts or previous Pussycat Doll Ashely Roberts may additionally share a bloodline.

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As of best now, there room no other famed Roberts’ shown to be pertained to Emma or Julia Roberts; but when you share the exact same surname, the theory is absolutely not off the table.