A former American soccer quarterback, Antonio Romo played in the nationwide Football league (NFL). That played through the Dallas Cowboys for 14 seasons. In 2003, Romo signed together an undrafted free agent through the Cowboys. He play college football for eastern Illinois University. In the 2001 Ohio valley Conference, that led the Panthers come the championship. The adhering to year he won the Walter Payton Award. The was likewise named to the agree Bowl 4 times. During his tenure with the Cowboys, Romo organized several records prefer - pass touchdowns, happen yards, most games with at least 300 pass yards, and games with three or more touchdown passes. He retired after the 2016 season complying with a preseason earlier injury in April 2017. Later, he was to come to be the lead shade analyst because that the NFL telecasts by CBS Sports.

Who is Tony Romo"s Wife, Candice Crawford?

Candice Crawford is a former American reporter and also beauty queen. She to be born in Lubbock, Texas. Crawford has worked for tv stations such together KDAF which covers high school sports and worked because that NBC"s KOMU-TV together a reporter. Crawford studied journalism and also business in ~ the university of Missouri prior to graduating in May, 2009. She was a Dallas Cowboys reporter top top CBS show, The Blitz, throughout her college years. She has been affiliated with the Cowboys as a reporter for long. She also hosted special Edition i m sorry is the Dallas Cowboys" Weekend sporting activities Show. She more went on to host Dallas guide show, Up all Night and co-presented the way of living show, The RC Project.

Also a beauty queen, Crawford has completed in miss Texas teen USA in 2003 and 2005, whereby she was the third runner-up. In 2007, she entered the miss out on Missouri competition and won the vain the following year in 2008. Crawford represented Missouri in miss out on USA, where she was placed sixth overall. Her dad is chris Crawford, who is a dermatologist and her mother, Dana Crawford, is a teacher. She elder brother is the Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. She is a Dallas Mavericks’ fan and attends your basketball games frequently. She herself loves come play basketball, run and cook.

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What is Candice Crawford"s height and also age?

Candice Crawford was born 16 December 1986. She is 33 years old. She is 5 feet 8 customs in height.

Tony Romo"s wife Wife - Candice Crawford"s network Worth 

Candice Crawford"s net worth is approximated to be roughly $10 million which consists of her previous project as a tv reporter and also sports anchor, and also her winnings from the various beauty pageants. 

Tony Romo"s Wife and also Family 

Tony Romo bound the knot through Candice Crawford on may 28, 2011. They had actually dated since the summer the 2009. The pair got engaged on December 16, 2010. They have three sons together: Hawkins Crawford Romo (born April 9, 2012), Rivers Romo (born in march 18, 2014) and Jones McCoy Romo (born august 23, 2017). 

Candice Crawford"s Job 

Candice is one actor, a previous tv reporter and also sports broadcast journalist. She is also a former beauty pageant queen, and also currently shows up as a fashion version for various brands. She has appeared and also hosted assorted tv programs. She was a typical face at Dallas Cowboys’ many coverages. She was additionally the title holder the the 2008 miss out on Missouri USA title. 

Candice Crawford and also Tony Romo"s Wedding 

Candice Crawford and also Tony Romo married in 2011 at Arlington Hall, a historic structure in Dallas" Oak Lawn neighborhood. They had actually a Cowboys-themed wedding reception. The wedding was arranged by Dallas occasions planner Todd Fiscus, who likewise did Eli Manning"s wedding in 2008. The whole Cowboys roster was invite to to visit the wedding and also reception, along with their high file owner Jerry Jones. Approximately 600 guests to be invited. Crawford wore a glorious St. Pucchi off-white gown the featured a textured bodice. It beautifully showcased hand-crafted dimensional cutwork embroidery in a floral sample accented with vulnerable ostrich feathers, rhinestone jewels and also crystal beading. She ring to be a "platinum diamond ring v an 8 carat, radiant cut, an intricate yellow diamond with one carat of ring diamonds roughly the center stone”, according to sources. 


Candice Crawford and also Tony Romo"s Kids

Tony and Candice have actually been happily with each other for 10 year now. They likewise share three kids: Hawkins Crawford Romo (born April 9, 2012), Rivers Romo (born march 18, 2014) and Jones McCoy Romo (born august 23, 2017).

How go Tony Romo fulfill Candice Crawford?

Tony and Candice met when she was working in the Dallas fort Worth area as a sporting activities broadcaster. That asked her out to dinner and also a movie. Candice was living with her parental then, and also was a little bit nervous about their date as the household were ardent supporters of the Cowboys.

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She said in an interview previously, Tony to be to pick Candice increase at she house, which originally caught her turn off guard, and she was concerned her parents would certainly embarrass her in front of him being pan of the Cowboys. The two began officially date in 2009 and also the adhering to year the athlete asked her to get married him.