Phoenix is both the biggest and most populous city in the state that Arizona, and being the state’s resources city. Through over 1.6 million residents, Phoenix is the fifth most populated city in the entire US and actually the most populous state capital of them all. It sits in the Phoenix city area in Maricopa County, Arizona, and is known as the sink of the sunlight or just "The Valley" come locals. Certain attractions might be temporarily closeup of the door or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have actually changed.

1.Phoenix, AZ


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Settled method back in 1867, Phoenix is located at the confluence in between two rivers: the Salt River and also the Gila River, v the last being one of the significant tributaries that the Colorado River. Phoenix is additionally home come its own mountain range, with the Phoenix Mountain maintain mountains located in and also around the Phoenix city limits. Through such a rich selection of landscapes come enjoy, outdoor activities and ecotourism are very popular in the city of Phoenix, through climbers, hikers, kayakers, and much more finding a lot of to carry out in this Arizona location.As well as herbal attractions and activities, Phoenix is renowned for the dry and also warm desert climate, attractive cityscape, and thriving performing art sector. There room plenty that live mirrors of all kinds, from live music to dance and theater, to be delighted in in the city, which is also home come a very strong economy and many distinctive historical locations and also monuments.

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The elevation of a city tells us just how high it is when compared to sea level. Phoenix, as formerly mentioned, is nicknamed the sink of the Sun due to its valley location and also is therefore quite a flat region, apart from the surrounding mountains, meaning that it shares the exact same elevation as countless other cities in the better Phoenix area and also beyond. The key of Phoenix, AZ is 1,086 feet (331 m).Due to its countless mountains, the state the Arizona actually has actually one of the highest average elevations of the whole US, v an typical of 4,100 feet (1250 m). Therefore, as soon as we compare the elevation of Phoenix, AZ with the median elevation in the remainder of the state, it"s basic to view that the state"s capital is actually one of its lowest points and also is reduced than other major Arizona cities choose Tucson, which has an key of 2388 feet (728 m) or also Phoenix"s surrounding city of Mesa, which has a typical elevation the 1243 feet (379 m).The highest point in all of Arizona is Humphreys Peak, i beg your pardon reaches a height of 12,633 feet (3,851 m) in total and also is located in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness component of the state, not much from the city that Flagstaff. The highest suggest in the city of Phoenix, AZ, is Camelback Mountain, which is just one of the most recognizable organic landmarks in the whole Phoenix area and also measures up at 2,706 feet (825 m) in ~ its highest possible point. Various other high clues in Phoenix, AZ include Piestewa peak which will a elevation of 2,608 feet (795 m) and Mummy mountain which has a peak 2260 feet (689 m) over sea level.

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Phoenix has a warm desert climate with really long, hot, dry summers and also short winters through mild temperature in general. The city earned its nickname of "Valley that the Sun" because of the fact that it"s located in among the components of the human being that sees more sunlight than almost any other place, with approximately 3,872 hrs of sunshine every year, which is the highest amount of any major city ~ above the planet. Phoenix additionally has the greatest average daily temperatures in the whole US, with over 100 days a year having actually temperatures the 100°F. Precipitation in this area is commonly low because that a desert region, with roughly 8 inches of rainfall every year. The wettest month of the year is July, while the driest is June.Due to its warmth climate, near-constant sunshine, and also beautiful natural scenery, Phoenix is a very popular traveler spot at every times the the year. Outdoor activities like kayaking and also climbing are well-known in Arizona"s capital, with locations like Papago Park and Camelback mountain proving famous with outdoor enthusiasts, if the city itself hosts fabricated attractions like Phoenix Zoo, Roosevelt Row, the Phoenix arts Museum, and also the musical Instrument Museum. In short, no matter whether you desire to remain in the city and also relax or gain outdoors and be active, there room plenty of things to perform in Phoenix, AZ.

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Phoenix Elevation

cover Photo: Courtesy the rasilja - Attraction Spotlight: Arizona science Center

The Arizona Science facility in Phoenix is a community facility that focuses on inspiring, educating, and engaging young learners and curious minds with science. Situated in Heritage and also Science Park in the heart of downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Science center features end 350 interactive, manual exhibits that highlight scientific research in fun, education-based way. In enhancement to its long-term exhibitions, the science Center additionally showcases nationally travel exhibitions transparent the year, daily demonstrations roughly the Center, planetarium mirrors in the Dorrance Planetarium, and films in the five-story IMAX theater. The Arizona science Center also offers a range of unique educational programs and science-based activities for travellers of all periods including, summer camps, object events, Adult’s Night Out, Stroller science pre-school programs, and the scientific research on wheels outreach program.

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The Arizona Science facility features a selection of permanent exhibitions that cater for all ages. ‘Many Hands do a Home’ explores the knowledge, skills, materials, and processes necessary to build a house in Arizona’s distinct desert environment. ‘All about Me/The Wonder Center’ is a display devoted to person life, and teaches visitors around the physiology of moving, the patterns of learning and remembering, the instrument of healing, and new biotechnologies.

Designed through award-winning endure designer Bob Rogers, ‘My Digital World’ is an exhibition that focuses on the information an innovation that all humans together. Visits can shot and assignment their name in Morse password – the very very first digital an approach of communication. ‘Get charged Up’ is one experiment-based exhibition that toys through the primary forces of electricity, friction, gravity, and also magnetism.

‘Solarville’ gives fascinating interactive experiences and also visuals and that explores exactly how humans are influenced by the sun, too as alternative ways come gain energy through utilizing the sun and also tips for energy conservation.

Housed in a modern Immersion theatre that features state-of-the-art technologies, including multiple overhead video screens through surround sound, and a motion-floor system with realistic physics effects, ‘Forces that Nature’ showcases extreme geological events, such together monster storms and tidal waves and also the impacts of land, water, and air.

The Arizona scientific research Center additionally offers a range of distinct educational programs and also science-based activities for visitors of all eras including, summer camps, thematic events, Adult’s Night Out, Stroller scientific research pre-school programs, and also the science on wheels outreach program.Daily demonstrations are carried out in the theater and stage areas throughout the day, and also a collection of great presentations offered by local and also national professionals explores the current science topics and also their implications on the world about us.

The Arizona Science facility offers travellers of all ages a variety of uniquely themed activities, hands-on experiences, educational programs and workshops transparent the year. A monthly lecture series known together ‘Adults Night Out’ provides adult tourists the opportunity to be a kid again and watch one IMAX film, take it in a planetarium show, gain the center’s 300 hand-operated exhibits, and also engage their intellect in a thought-provoking presentation.

The Arizona Science center offers summer and winter camps because that youth the all eras to suffer a selection of hand-operated science-based and also themed activities, and a distinct exploration that the science Center. BMI
BNI Summer Camp is an exclusive, hand-operated camp at the Barrow Neurological academy at St. Joseph’s Hospital for teens and also students come learn an ext about DNA and genetics, wherein attendees get to extract real DNA from tree tissue, uncover how working laboratories operate and visit operation rooms used to build oncology treatment methods.

Stroller science is an interactive routine aimed at engaging families with younger children, particularly preschool-aged children and also exposing them to science and also encouraging them to explore the human being of science. Scientific research on Wheels among the science Center’s flagship ar outreach programs and enables for the distribution of hands-on science discovery directly to the classroom.

The Arizona Science facility is located at 600 E Washington Street in Phoenix and is open every job from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Museum offers day-to-day guided windy tours the are consisted of with admission led by experienced docents who discover the human being of science. The Arizona Science facility is home to the amazing Atom’s scientific research Store, i m sorry sells a variety of science-based educational items consisting of games, puzzles, construction and also science kits. The Fabulous foods Lab Café serves delicious cuisine including burgers and also fries, freshly ready salads, fruit and yogurt and also delicious sweet treats.

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Venue Spotlight: secret Garden

Dubbed as the ultimate event venue, The an enig Garden is home to beautiful trees and gardens positioned by the South hill foothills, supplying clients the many beautiful that backdrops for any kind of occasion or celebration. They have actually over eight (8) occasion spaces for indoor and outdoor events as well as those that loss within both.The mystery Garden additionally boasts of beautiful lawns that room perfect because that wedding ceremonies and also dinners ready by private chefs. This venues are likewise staffed v personnel who are trained to check out to it that your occasion goes perfectly together planned, from ready to the work itself, might it it is in an intimate gathering amongst the closest family members members and also friends or a grand celebration of up to 400 guests.

Wedding Packages

The mystery Garden uses a wide variety of packages to cater to different wedding celebration event preferences and a wide selection of budget. One thing’s for sure, weddings that are organized in these venues have been recognized to stand the end from the rest thanks to your exquisite backdrops and unique spaces that bring their own theme and also character.

On peak of the breathtaking venues, couples who select the an enig Garden additionally get accessibility to in-house catering and can additionally have rehearsal dinners.

Packages come with an 8-hour rental of the facilities which include:

- use of the place’s plenty of facilities including but not restricted to the dance floor, catering kitchen, and also ceremony site;

- Discounted rates for hotel rooms in ~ the Arizona cool Resort, Drury Hotel, and Legacy Golf Resort;

- use of the dressing rooms before the ceremony;

- finish tables and chairs, drapery, linen, cutlery, centerpieces, and also more;

Depending on the package you take, you’ll likewise have accessibility to the following services:

- Beverage services - to serve guests through the couple’s choice of wine, beer, and alcohol

- Cake - v the couple’s choice of design

- Florist - through customizable flower arrangements

- Officiant

- DJ - for up to six hours of consistent music because that the event

In enhancement to the wedding packages, secret Garden also offers a Rehearsal Dinner package that includes 2-hours use of the framework for the purpose. There is likewise a different package for usage of the framework for the reception.


Located in ~ South main Phoenix, the an enig Garden Event facility is easily accessible from the complying with freeways:

- I-10 East

- I-10 West

- 143 South

- 60 East and also West

When driving, that 15 minutes far from the downtown area and also around 12 minutes away from the airport. The place is also an extremely close come a number of resorts and hotels.

To learn an ext about the venue and reservation policies, contact 602.268.5522 or directly reach the mystery Garden via their official website.


Secret Garden, 2501 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042, Phone: 602-268-5522

Venue Spotlight: Venue at the Grove

Considered as one of the many beautiful venues in Phoenix, the Venue at the Grove is a prime wedding destination, with pair starting their magical story by start an orchard of pecan trees and a beautiful garden the feels choose a different world, considering the Arizona desert.The Venue at the Grove knows the weddings are among the most essential life events of a person and also thus offer so lot value to the occasion. This also method that they offer the venue solely to you should you decision to celebrate her wedding there.

The Venue in ~ the Grove is very accessible to those who come from downtown Phoenix and is even to those who come indigenous the global airport. This makes the venue simply as ideal for couples who are expecting guests from the end of town. Moreover, the location is nearby to numerous other points of interests, such as hotels because that accommodations.

The innovative ambience that the Venue in ~ the Grove renders it appropriate for wedding ceremonies, cocktails, receptions, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and many various other special engagements.

Wedding Services

Although the Venue at the Grove covers all manner of social gatherings and also business events, castle are specifically known because that their ability to make any type of wedding dream pertained to life, thanks to its maybe staff and also flexible venues and facilities. Their services extend to the following:

- Wedding Ceremony: As mentioned before, The Venue at the Grove supplies one the the most unique venues in Arizona due to the fact that of the backdrop offered by the pecan trees and the beautiful sunset see from the location. It’s a an excellent backdrop because that couples that will exchange your wedding vow in prior of friends and also family.

- Reception: The to meet can provide both indoor and also outdoor settings for the reception. They have a beautiful bricked patio that can seat approximately 200 guest while being surrounding by end 30,000 lamp atop the pecan trees. Meanwhile, the at home hall deserve to be perfect for much more intimate gatherings, permitting up come 140 guest who go into through French doors and also into a room that functions a breathtaking view of the grove.

- All Inclusive Packages: planning a wedding have the right to be rather the hassle, so it’s far better if girlfriend trust every little thing to the employee at Venue in ~ the Grove. These personnel room trained and experienced to cater to every the disability of the one-of-a-kind occasion, making sure that you get the wedding you’ve constantly dreamed of. Lock will also be over there to aid ensure that every little thing goes smoothly during your special day!

Reservation and Pricing

The Venue in ~ the Grove offers miscellaneous packages, so you have to directly call them to obtain a quote on your reservation. The price will certainly vary relying on the time, day, and also season as soon as the occasion will take place.


Venue at the Grove, 7010 southern 27th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85041, Phone: 602-456-0803

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Attraction Spotlight: Penske racing Museum

For car enthusiasts, specifically those with a love that racing and the Penske company, the racing museum in scenic Phoenix, Arizona is a have to visit. Visitors can see many original, gyeongju winners as well as replica cars and trophies from several of the nation and the world’s most competitive races.History

In 2002, the Penske racing Museum to be opened. Situated in a complex with auto dealerships, these 2 stories, over 9000 square foot facility highlights over 20 automobiles in addition to a range of various other memorabilia from the Penske team. While several of the displays rotate in and also out of publicly display, the emphasis is ~ above Indy 500 and NASCAR related exhibits. Over there are likewise a couple of F1 associated cars and also memorabilia pieces, and an occasional sports automobile racing display. Join is totally free to the museum.

Permanent Exhibits

The greatest attract at the gyeongju museum are the cars on display, permitting guests come glance at a piece of history.


March 86C - The automobile that Al Unser an elderly won the Indy 500 through in 1987 is a huge lure in ~ the museum, special a 700-brake horsepower engine. Yellow and also attention stealing, the march 86C labeled through the number 25 as soon as reached simply over 223 mph.

Dodge Charger - 2005 to be the critical year that Rusty Wallace completed in the Nextel Cup, and also the evade Charger that he drove, through 800 brake horsepower, is ~ above display, still painted with the “Last Call” painting scheme the was preferred for the NASCAR event.

Penske PC-6 - The Indy 500 to be won by rick Mears in 1979 v this beauty. Red on the top, blue ~ above the bottom, and also labeled through the number 9, this vehicle with the 800-brake horsepower Ford engine was additionally driven as soon as by Mario Andretti.

March 84C - another yellow stunner, the in march 84C was propelled to the win in the 1984 Indy 500 by stack Mears. It was his second victory. The vehicle wears the number 6.

Hurst/Olds Cutlass - This 1972 vintage automobile was the pace automobile at the Indy 500 the exact same year it was introduced. Although it only functions 300 brake horsepower, the allure is in its design and also exterior.

Porsche IROC - In the 1973 inaugural IROC road race, this car was thrust to success by note Donohue. Topping the end at 316 brake horsepower, the Porsche RSR is a must see for any kind of automobile enthusiast.


McLaren M16B - The replica that the car that sped mark Donohue to win at the Indy 500 in 1972 is ~ above display, displaying the 850-brake horsepower engine that brought Penske gyeongju its very first win there.

Penske PC-9B - Bobby Unser journey the genuine version that this 600-brake horsepower replica come the success in the 1981 Indy 500, which to be the 3rd Penske Racing win there.

In addition to the vehicles and replica vehicles top top display, there is likewise a multiple of gyeongju trophies and also other memorabilia for guests to peruse at your leisure.

Special Events

The gyeongju museum is easily accessible for rental for unique events. Hosting anything native casual events like birthday parties to much more elaborate affairs like weddings, receptions or vacation parties, the museum will work with guests to arrangement their perfect event. The 2nd floor also has a collapsible glass wall surface that have the right to be taken under to permit for both indoor and outdoor an are for the event, as lengthy as the weather cooperates. Food and beverage options, and also test climbs in the onsite land Rover experience, room all available at secondary charge. Call the museum for much more information.

The racing museum likewise offers number of benefits transparent the year to assist support charities - choose Mission: may be (a charity help paralyzed veterans). They also play hold to the Cars and also Coffee collection of auto enthusiasts, which happens on Saturdays transparent the year. Check the website or their Facebook web page for extr and up to date information.

Shopping and Dining

Located on the second floor that the museum is The Boutique, selling various souvenir choices to commemorate a visit. Visitors deserve to purchase a die actors car, publications on automobiles and racing, and a variety of apparel for all ages. Over there are likewise car parts, few of them signed, and also Penske associated gifts.

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For tourists who acquire hungry during their visit, check out revolve 4 Cafe because that breakfast as well as lunch choices sure come satisfy any kind of appetite.

Penske racing Museum, 7125 east Chauncey Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85054, Phone: 480-538-4444