For Daniel Roberts, of Galesburg, December 5, 2013 was like any other job-related day. Dan to be a stormy carpenter through the physically demanding project of utilizing a big saw to make assembly line cut in timbers.

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“I to be cutting timbers in the shop with a heavy, portable circular witnessed that has actually a 16 ½ inch diameter blade.” Dan said. “I had made around 30 continually cuts, and I determined to take it a break. That’s when I turned to lay the observed on a cart that’s particularly designed to organize the saw.”

But the cart had actually moved and also wasn’t whereby Dan thought it was. The experienced blade, still spinning, reduced a 15-inch gash indigenous his groin to his left knee. The 3-inch deep reduced nicked the bone and severed his femoral artery.

“I knew I was in trouble,” Dan said. “I started yelling at world to contact 911.”

A surrounding French co-worker that spoke small English came over to help. Return he could not know a the majority of what Dan to be saying, he did recognize the French native “tourniquet.”

“He take it his belt off and wrapped it approximately my top thigh, groin region,” Dan said. “After that, whatever happened fast. The following thing i knew i was gift scooted off by ambulance come OSF St. Mar . The last points I remember room the doors flying open and seeing every one of the staff bordering me. That’s once I knew I had actually done everything I can do come survive, and I remained in the hand of the professionals.

“Everything native that suggest on is simply me telling you what i was told. That was very bad.”

‘They not only saved mine leg, they conserved my life’

Dan remained in a most trouble. Relying on how the femoral artery is severed, a person deserve to slip into unconsciousness and also even die within a few minutes. The tourniquet had actually bought him the time he essential for the paramedics to acquire him to the Emergency department at OSF medical care St. Mary clinical Center. That was every a inquiry of just exactly how much time Dan had.

The emergency employee at OSF St. Mary would certainly have desired to take Dan by OSF Life trip to OSF healthcare Saint Francis Medical center in Peoria for such a breakable surgery. However, the attending surgeon, Dr. Cutting board Whittle, knew the Dan would not make it through the flight and also required surgical treatment immediately. The Emergency room staff and also surgical team shifted into top gear.

“They gained me in the operation room and also removed an artery from my ideal leg and also repaired the one in mine left leg,” Dan said. “And there was a the majority of swelling, so they had actually to do a large incision and take a chunk the end of both political parties of mine calf to relax the pressure. They basically sutured my thigh earlier together.”

Dan had lost nine units of blood, yet the surgical procedure was a success.

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“I have full capacity in my leg, as much as everyday use goes. There has been part pain here and there however as much as a limp – no. I had the ability to return to work-related with no restrictions three month after the accident,” Dan said. “As far as nerve damage and all that, i can’t elevator my big toe on mine left leg, however the physician said that may come back over time.

“Usually girlfriend bleed out in a issue of minutes when you sever a key artery like I did. They gained me in the operating room and went to work-related on me and not just saved mine leg yet my life as well,” Dan said. “I never did need to go come Peoria. I stayed at OSF St. Mar for everything.”

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Lisa Coon is a writing Coordinator for OSF HealthCare, wherein she has actually worked because August 2016. A Peoria native, she is a graduate of Bradley University v a level in journalism. Previously, she functioned as a reporter and also editor in ~ several newspapers in Iowa and Illinois.She lives in Groveland v her husband and also son. In her complimentary time she likes come cook, bake and read. She openly admits that truth TV is a weakness, and she lives by the quote, “The beach is an excellent for the soul.”