The Flash argues How fast Barry have the right to Really operation The flash season 6, episode 2, titled "A speed of the Lighting", teases how fast Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) deserve to run at height speed.

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The recent episode that The Flash seems to indicate how rapid Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) have the right to actually run. The Scarlet Speedster"s optimal speed has long been a subject of discussion, yet not something that"s been set in stone.

After gaining his metahuman strength in the pilot episode of The Flash in 2014, Barry Allen has combated hard to train his powers and build up his capacity to operation at super speed. V the aid of S.T.A.R. Labs and also the advice of various other speedsters, Barry has actually succeeded in becoming the Fastest guy Alive. The obstacles that Barry has challenged over the food of the collection has forced Barry come reach brand-new limits. Barry has had to contend with speedsters who could easily outrun him, prefer Reverse-Flash and also Zoom, yet Flash has regulated to surpass and defeat them all.

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In The Flash season 6, illustration 2, titled "A speed of the Lightning", Team Flash encounters a metahuman who emits ultraviolet light. Barry experiences difficulties dealing v her powers because of how fast her assaults are. The factor for this is revealed once it"s mentioned that ultraviolet irradiate is "80 times" faster than Barry"s top speed. Every electromagnetic rays take trip at 186,000 miles every second, for this reason by this calculate Barry should be able to reach approximately 2,325 miles every second.

Barry Allen in The flash TV Series
This number hasn"t been confirmed. One problem with this idea is that in The Flash"s season 6 premiere, Barry functioned up enough speed to break out of a black hole, which have to have required him to exceed the speed of light. So regardless of some inconsistencies, it"s clear that Barry has actually come far in six seasons. In the season 2 episode, "Trajectory", Barry"s optimal speed to be 2,532 miles per hour, which method that Barry"s speed has actually increased exponentially in four seasons.

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As fast as Barry is now, this might not be his limit. New enemies and also obstacles have put in Barry in cases where he needs to run quicker than ever, for this reason it"s feasible that Barry have the right to break his document with sufficient effort and training. After ~ all, the comic publication version of Barry Allen (and Wally West) are numerous levels around his TV counterpart, so over there is room because that growth. The much growth may come to be necessary, specifically in season 6 with "Crisis on infinite Earths" looming. Since the monitor (LaMonica Garrett) insists the a sacrifice indigenous Barry will be required to conserve the multiverse, the time may come for Barry to somehow reach new heights.

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