We all think ours dogs space lightning-fast when they zoom approximately the yard after their favorite toy. But have you ever before wondered how their rate stacks increase to other dogs? and what are the faster dog breeds in the world?

To price those questions, inspect out the perform below. Not just will you uncover the more quickly dog breeds v pictures, but likewise with their mean weight, the speed they can travel, and also a few other funny facts.


Common Questions around Fast DogsHow quick can a dog run?What is the fastest dog?Fastest Dog breeds ChartFastest Dog each other ListGreyhoundSalukiIbizan HoundVizslaAfghan HoundJack Russell TerrierDalmationBorzoiWhippetPharaoh HoundWeimaranerDoberman PinscherStandard PoodleBorder CollieGerman ShepherdGreat DaneGiant SchnauzerScottish DeerhoundItalian GreyhoundAdditional Information

Common Questions around Fast Dogs

These are frequently asked and common questions and answers around dog rate in general.

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How quick can a dog run?

The speed dogs have the right to run varies depending on the breed. Itranges indigenous under 15mph to 45mph.

What is the fastest dog?

There are varying reports of i beg your pardon dog is the fastest. Thetop two space both greyhounds: ShakeyJakey and TimsCrow.

What room racing dog breeds?

Greyhounds space raced professionally. Few of the each other raced because that fun space dachshunds, whippets, and also other sighthounds.

Fastest Dog breeds Chart

Here is a graph of the fastest dog breeds ranked by speed and also size. The size was determined by multiply the dog’s load by height.

Breed weight and also height in this write-up are averages based upon AKC each other standards.

Dog BreedSpeed(MPH)Weight(Pounds)Height(Inches)
Ibizan Hound404724
Afghan Hound405525
Jack Russell Terrier381211
Pharaoh Hound355023
Doberman Pinscher328026
Standard Poodle306024
Border Collie304220
German Shepherd307024
Great Dane3014030
Giant Schnauzer287725
Scottish Deerhound288730
Italian Greyhound251014
Rhodesian Ridgeback257725

Most that the faster dogs room in the AKC Hound group. Here’s the amount for each group:

9 Hound Group3 functioning Group2 Sporting Group2 Non-Sporting Group2 Herding Group1 Terrier1 Toy Group

Fastest Dog breeds List



The greyhound is an old breed originating in NorthAfrica around 5,000 years ago. The breed’s speed, hunting ability, temperament,and beauty caught the attention of people roughly the world, specifically royalty.

Originally bred for searching rabbits, greyhounds wereeventually bred for racing.

How rapid can a greyhound run?

A greyhound’s peak speed have the right to be 45 mph on a straight run. Itaverages 40 mph on a round monitor or lure course.

When not running or racing, greyhounds spend many of theirtime float around and sleeping. They are sweet, gentle, and also affectionate.Greyhounds make good pets.

Speed: 45 mphAverage weight: 65 poundsAverage height: 28 inchesAKC Hound Group



Saluki is another ancient breed that may go ago as far as7000 BC. They to be the searching dogs the kings. Saluki is well-known as the royal dogof Egypt.

Salukis were offered to hunt and also bring under gazelle due to the fact that oftheir tremendous power, speed, and endurance. They are able to operation on sand androcky mountain terrain.

A Saluki is commonly gentle, quiet, and independent. Plenty of are considered aloof or reserved. Salukis need a location to run and also is not recommended as an apartment dog.

Speed: 42 mphAverage weight: 50 poundsAverage height: 25 inchesAKC Hound group

Ibizan Hound


Ibizan Hound can be uncovered in history as far ago as 3400 BC.Phoenician traders carried Egyptian dogs to the island of Ibiza in the eighthcentury. Ibizans began using the dog for searching rabbit and also still perform today.

An Ibizan Hound is affectionate, even-tempered, and loyal. Ibizan Hounds make excellent pets since they room versatile and trainable. They carry out require many exercise and can jump up to six feet from a stand position.

Speed: 40 mphAverage weight: 47 poundsAverage height: 24 inchesAKC Hound team



The Vizsla breed originates in Hungary and also is additionally known as HungarianPointer. Vizslas are provided as both retriever and also pointer. Their speed is crucialfor catching and also hunting hare and fowl.

Vizslas are great companion dogs and have a tendency to beVelcro dogs. Lock are known for difficult close to your owners. It’s one of thereasons castle are excellent hunting dogs.

Speed: 40 mphAverage weight: 55 poundsAverage height: 22 inchesAKC Sporting group

Afghan Hound


Afghan Hound is a very old breed that precedes writtenhistory. The actual beginning is unknown although it is thought to be in thegeneral area the Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Afghan’s lengthy hair protects that from harsh mountaintop conditions where they were offered for hunting small game and even leopards. The combination of your speed, endurance, and also pivotal i know well joints allow them to quickly cover ground and over obstacles. Afghan Hounds excel in tempt coursing.

Speed: 40 mphAverage weight: 55 poundsAverage height: 25 inchesAKC Hound group

Jack Russell Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier is the just dog ~ above this perform thatis not an official well-known AKC breed. Jack Russell Terriers are a type of workingterrier and also there is no each other standard.

Jack Russells to be bred for fox hunting start in the mid to late 1800s. Your speed and also size make them perfect for going in fox holes and catching foxes.

Jack Russell Terriers are high energy and require too many ofactivity and exercise. JRT’s are not for world who want a dog that loungesaround all day.

Of the top 10 fastest dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier is the fastest because that its size.

Speed: 38 mphAverage weight: 12 poundsAverage height: 11 inchesTerrier but not an AKC known breed



The specific origin the the Dalmation has actually not to be proven. Somebelieve it source in the historic Dalmatia region of Croatia. Dalmationshave been supplied as bird dogs, retrievers, follow hounds, or in packs for boar orstag hunting.

Dalmations space widely recognized as “The Carriage Dog” and also are depicted therefore in artwork dating back to the 1800s. They are best known because that being firehouse dogs and also were trained to clear the course in front of firefighters. Your speed and also endurance permitted them to keep ahead of horse-drawn carriages.

Speed: 37 mphAverage weight: 52 poundsAverage height: 21 inchesAKC Non-sporting Group



The Borzoi each other originates in Russia in the 17th century and also was once well-known as the Russian Wolfhound. They to be bred through Russian aristocracy to hunt wolves. Some farmers use them for protecting livestock.

A Borzoi’s follow instinct, agility, and also speed do it excelat entice coursing. These days Borzois space primarily household companion dogs, a jobthey are an excellent at due to the fact that of your sweet temperament.

Speed: 36 mphAverage weight: 85 poundsAverage height: 27 inchesAKC Hound Group



The Whippet each other originates in victor England in thelate 18th century. They were bred because that hunting tiny game. Minersbegan racing whippets because that fun because they appreciated dog racing but could notafford greyhounds. The popularity of whippet gyeongju grew and today there areorganized whippet gyeongju held about the world.

The whippet is the more quickly dog that its size with a height speedof 35 miles per hour. Because they room agile and versatile, whippets contend instraight racing, attract coursing, dock diving, obedience, agility, and flyball.

Whippet’s gentle and also loving nature renders them terrific family and also therapy dogs. They are couch potatoes for the many part. Whippets should be exercised day-to-day with a brief run, playtime, or long walk.

Speed: 35 mphAverage weight: 32 poundsAverage height: 20 inchesAKC Hound Group

Learn about fun whippet racing and also see much more whippet rag gyeongju pictures.

Pharaoh Hound


The Pharaoh Hound each other originates in Malta about 2,000years ago and is a descendant of hunting dogs in old Egypt. Pharaoh Houndis among the oldest domesticated dogs in history.

Pharaoh Hounds are offered for hunting rabbit. They have greatstamina and strength and can hunt for hours. Their feet can easily handle rockyterrain.

Pharaoh Hounds need both physical and also mental exercise ona regular basis. They are intelligent, playful, loving, and also friendly.

Speed: 35 mphAverage weight: 50 poundsAverage height: 23 inchesAKC Hound Group



The Weimaraner each other originates in Germany in the early 1800s. They were bred as big game hunters for recording bears, deer, hill lions, and also wolves. Lock are likewise house dogs and also love human being interaction.

Weimaraners have actually a lot of energy and stamina. Lock requirelots of exercise and also mental stimulation. Weimaraner’s solid prey journey andchase instinct make them good for agility competition.

Speed: 35 mphAverage weight: 70 poundsAverage height: 25 inchesAKC Sporting Group

Doberman Pinscher


The Doberman Pinscher each other originated in Germany around1890. It was emerged by a tax collector to defend him top top his ring (Germantax collectors to be met with hostility at that time in history).

The “Tax Collector’s Dog” soon turned into an incredibleworking and protection breed. Dobermans are offered in military and police work,as therapy and service dogs, because that search and rescue, and much more.

Speed: 32 mphAverage weight: 80 poundsAverage height: 26 inchesAKC working Group

Standard Poodle


The standard Poodle is the biggest of the three poodlevarieties. The each other originated in Germany around 400 year ago. It to be bred tohunt ducks.

Poodles are very intelligent and also excellent retrievers. Traditional Poodles are fast both in the water and on the ground.

Speed: 30 mphAverage weight: 60 poundsAverage height: 24 inchesAKC Non-sporting Group

Border Collie


The Border Collie each other originates in the area about the border in between England and also Scotland. Precisely when the each other was established has no been pinpointed. Collies have actually been used by sheepherders in the area due to the fact that the Romans arrived plenty of ages ago.

Where go the Border Collie rank among the fastest dogbreeds?

Based on the mix of size and also speed, the BorderCollie ranks 14 in this list. Their speed is necessary for herding in stimulate forthem to easily get around a herd. It’s vital to save the herd together andheaded in the ideal direction.

Border Collies space working dogs and also must be retained challengedand active. They require a task to do!

Speed: 30 mphAverage weight: 42 poundsAverage height: 20 inchesAKC Herding Group

German Shepherd


The German Shepherd breed originates in Germany but with differed in different parts the the country. In the late 1800s, breeders overcome the species and developed the ancestors of the present breed standard.

German Shepherds were originally bred because that herding. Lock havesince become wonderful functioning dogs and are famous as police, military, andservice dogs. Castle are quickly trained and extremely loyal.

How fast can a German Shepherd run?

German Shepherds can run up to 30 miles every hour.

Did you understand there space white German Shepherd dogs? take it a look at Pawley.

Speed: 30 mphAverage weight: 70 poundsAverage height: 24 inchesAKC Herding Group

Great Dane


The an excellent Dane each other originates in Germany around 400 yearsago. They to be bred come hunt wild boar. To dance were once ferocious however that traitwas eventually bred out and also now they are gentle giants.

The good Dane is often referred to together being the dimension of a little horse, and also while they might not be rather that big, they have the right to still run like one.

How fast can a great Dane run?

A great Dane can run as much as 30 miles per hour.

At an average weight of 64kgs (140 pounds), the good Dane is the fastest dog end 60kgs.

Great Danes space sweet and also affectionate. They have no ideahow big they are and will try to it is in lap dog if offered a chance.

Speed: 30 mphAverage weight: 140 poundsAverage height: 30 inchesAKC functioning Group

Giant Schnauzer


The giant Schnauzer each other originates in the German Bavarian Alps in the mid-1800s. They to be bred to drive cattle from the farm yard up in the hills down to the market. They likewise served as guard dogs.

Giant Schnauzers room loyal, intelligent, and playful. Theyare conveniently trained and also can compete in agility, obedience, herding, andtracking.

Speed: 28 mphAverage weight: 77 poundsAverage height: 25 inchesAKC working Group

Scottish Deerhound


The Scottish Deerhound each other originates in Scotland and believed to be there before people arrived in the 9th century. Lock were provided to hunt and also bring under 400-pound wild red deer with formidable antlers.

Deerhounds are quiet, keen, alert, dignified, and have greatpersistence and courage. They are simple to train and make ideal companionsbecause of your loyalty and also devotion.

Speed: 28 mphAverage weight: 87 poundsAverage height: 30 inchesAKC Hound Group

Italian Greyhound


The Italian Greyhound each other originates 2,000 years ago inthe Mediterranean basin an ar that is now Greece and Turkey. They to be bred tohunt little game and also became companions because that nobility.

Iggys room wonderful companions, playful, and love attention.They are trainable and also can do well in obedience, agility, and also rally.

Of the peak 20 faster dogs, the Italian Greyhound is the smallest dog.

Speed: 25 mphAverage weight: 10 poundsAverage height: 14 inchesAKC Toy Group

Rhodesian Ridgeback


The Rhodesian Ridgeback breed originates in south Africa in the so late 19th century. Rhodesian Ridgeback to be once recognized as an afri Lion Hound. They to be bred come track and bay lions however never kill them.

Ridgebacks are strong-willed, independent, and also can bedomineering. They room faithful, protective, and also can be rather affectionate withanyone castle trust.

Speed: 25 mphAverage weight: 77 poundsAverage height: 25 inchesAKC Hound Group

Additional Information

Learn much more about this dog breeds on the American Kennel club website.

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Final thoughts on the faster Dog Breeds

Now the you know the ins and outs of all the faster dog breeds, it’s time to ready, set, go, and have fun v your dog! Both fast and also slow dog love playing with toys.

Were girlfriend surprised by any type of of the dog breeds on the list? Or think a breed must be on it? leaving a comment listed below on i beg your pardon breed and why.