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Measure The Toilet turbulent In Twice before You Buy

Whether she remodeling her bathroom or wanting to upgrade your toilet, it’s important to acquire the right dimensions when roughing in her toilet waste and also water. Fewer points are an ext frustrating than bringing house a new toilet, acquiring ready to install it, and realizing that the toilet dimensions are too big oflr too little and it i will not ~ fit in the designated space.

Even if girlfriend think you can make the restroom fit, you’re likely to run into some significant plumbing worries further under the road. It’s finest to measure her toilet unstable in ideal the first time. Below are part tips on just how to carry out a rough in pipes for toilet.

Rough in plumbing for toilet Measurements and also Standards: how to measure Toilet turbulent In and also Toilet dimensions (Inches)

When you room figuring out your toilet stormy in dimensions, girlfriend will end up with one of three simple measurements. This is how to measure up toilet stormy in and also toilet dimensions (inches).

10 Inch unstable In Toilet

If your bathroom is compact in size or friend live in an older home, there’s a an excellent chance the your toilet stormy in size will it is in 10 inches. As result of the absence of space, she most most likely to discover that the toilet bowls are round front.

12 Inch unstable In Toilet

A 12 inch stormy in is the most typical measurement in bathrooms. This size enables for the most variety in the form of the bowl and also style that the toilet girlfriend purchase. Also though this is the many standard measurement, don’t forgo measuring (at the very least twice) before buying a brand-new toilet.

14 Inch unstable In Toilet

Much favor a 10 inch stormy in toilet, a 14 inch toilet is commonly found in small bathrooms of enlarge homes. If your options will be limited, you still have some variety when looking at toilets.

What You need To recognize To get Started

Getting began is basic as lengthy as you take it a tiny time to gain organized prior to you take it a fast measurement and also race out to purchase the an initial toilet friend come across. Nothing forget to measure up a couple of times to make certain your results are consistent.

Distance of Toilet Flange from earlier Wall

When you download a toilet, you don’t want the earlier of it flush up against the wall. Correct measurements before installation will conserve you a many trouble. The restroom flange distance from wall (also recognized as a closet flange) is the pipe installation which mounts a toilet to the floor, connecting the toilet drain to the drainpipe pipe.


Necessary Clearance ~ above Left and also Right

Don’t forget to aspect in the an are needed because that the left and also right that the toilet. The minimum street that you want on one of two people side and also measured from the centerline that the toilet is 15 inches. Even if it is there’s a wall surface on one next of the toilet or a fixture like a bathtub, 15 inch is the minimum.

Free an are Needed in prior of Bowl

If you’re functioning in a little bathroom you recognize that every inch counts because that comfort and also functionality; nobody likes to sit down only to have their knees hitting the sink or wall surface in former of them. The minimum street in former of the toilet, when encountering a wall or fixture, is 21 inches. The an ext room, the better, yet don’t do it any type of smaller than the minimum. Buying a toilet v a smaller, ring bowl will certainly fit right into a compact space much better than an elongated bowl.

Where To ar Cold Water supply Line

An old water supply heat to her toilet might start to corrode and also leak, making a mess and wasting water. Whether you’re instead of the old heat or installation a brand-new one, placement is important. Water it is provided lines come in a selection of lengths, and you can use her old one together a template. The always better to purchase too long than too quick but protect against buying one that is so lengthy that there’s extra hanging down from the tank; this might get tangled or damaged over time.

Water supply lines for toilets frequently come out of the wall surface just under the restroom tank and on the side whereby the water inlet is situated (usually the left side); cold water supply lines are regularly made out of copper and are about one-half-inch or three-quarter-inch thick. Periodically you could see the water supply line coming out of the floor. Many world prefer the location in the wall surface as it’s much less noticeable. The water it is provided (either indigenous the wall or floor) must be 6 inches high, and six inches offset to the left of the flange.

When you’re instead of the water supply heat from the tank to the heat in the wall, you will should turn off the water and drain the tank. Be sure to shut off the valve and put a bucket underneath come catch any kind of water the spills the end one the tank is empty.

How To measure up Toilet turbulent In and Toilet Flange distance From Wall

Before you walk ahead and start measure up it helps to know what roughing in is, right? In general, rough in can finest be characterized as the process of taking part measurements and also laying the end the groundwork before doing any kind of of the really work. Roughing in is provided in all varieties of construction, electrical, and plumbing.

Getting the right dimensions the very first time will conserve you a most extra work and will do the whole process of installation a restroom that much easier. Follow these step-by-step instructions because that measuring the toilet unstable in: Remember, the center of the toilet flange to the wall surface should it is in 12 inches. Never ever measure native the molding (baseboard) to the flange, only against the wall. If you measure a couple of times and come up v 10 or 14 inches, friend will need to replace through the ideal size toilet.


Toilets with four bolts must be measured from the wall to the rear bolts. If this technique is fairly accurate, your best measurement will come indigenous measuring the distance in between the center of the flange and the wall. When you’re determining the street on every side of the toilet, your measurement need to be at least 15 inches native the facility of the flange (or the bowl) come the wall or fixture.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a perfect wall, don’t forget to add a half-inch (or every little thing the thickness of her drywall) to her measurement to account for the drywall. As you measure up the street from the prior of your toilet come the fixture or wall in front of you, the street will count on your pipes code. If your plumbing code is under the IPC (International pipes Code), her measurement must be a minimum of 21 inches.

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If your password is under the UPC (Uniform plumbing Code), your minimum measurement should be a minimum of 24 inches. Roughing in a water line must measure 6 inches come the left the the facility of the flange and also come up 7 inches from the height of her finished floor. If the floor is unfinished, girlfriend will need to take the elevation of the flooring material into consideration.