There space 3 ways to gain from Fargo to Sioux drops by bus, vehicle or plane

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Fargo (FAR) to Sioux drops (FSD) flights

The flight time between Fargo (FAR) and also Sioux falls (FSD) is about 6h 9m and also covers a distance of about 232 miles. This contains an average layover time of approximately 2h 44m. The fastest flight normally take away 3h 32m. Services are operated by Delta, unified Airlines, American Airlines and others. Commonly 89 flights run weekly, back weekend and holiday schedules deserve to vary so inspect in advance.

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The schedule shown below are because that the next available departures.

Fargo (FAR) come Sioux falls (FSD) flight schedules

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American airline
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American airline

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The cheapest method to gain from Fargo to Sioux falls is to journey which expenses $24-$35 and takes 3h 35m.

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The quickest way to gain from Fargo to Sioux drops is to drive which costs $24-$35 and also takes 3h 35m.

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The distance between Fargo and Sioux falls is 231 miles. The road distance is 246.8 miles.

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The best method to get from Fargo to Sioux drops without a automobile is to bus i beg your pardon takes 4h 28m and also costs $45-$80.