Except when vital to avoid conflict with various other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a web traffic or police officer or traffic authorize or signal, no operator that a auto shall stand or park the car in any of the following places:

c. Between a safety and security zone and also the adjacent curb or in ~ at least 20 feet the a suggest on the curb instantly opposite the finish of a safety zone;

e. (1) Within 25 feet that the nearest crosswalk or side heat of a street or intersecting highway, other than at alleys and also as provided in ar 2 of P.L.2009, c. 257 (C.39:4-138.6 ); or

(2) Within 10 feet the the nearest crosswalk or side heat of a street or intersecting highway, if a curb extension or bulbout has been created at that crosswalk;

g. In any type of appropriately marked “No Parking” space established pursuant come the duly promulgated regulations of the Commissioner that Transportation;

h. Within 50 feet the a “stop” sign except as provided in section 2 that P.L.2009, c. 257 ( C.39:4-138.6 );

k. Within 20 feet that the driveway enntrance gate to any kind of fire station and also on the side of a street the contrary the enntrance gate to any kind of fire terminal within 75 feet of said entrance, when properly signposted;

l. Alongside or opposite any type of street excavation or obstruction when stopping, standing, or parking would certainly obstruct traffic, as soon as properly signposted;

n. Upon any bridge or other elevated framework upon a highway, or within a highway tunnel or underpass, or ~ above the immediate approaches thereto other than where room for parking is provided;

o. In any an are on windy or private property appropriately marked for vehicles because that persons with disabilities pursuant to P.L.1977, c. 202 ( C.39:4-197.5 ), P.L.1975, c. 217 ( C.52:27D-119 et seq. ) or any type of other applicable legislation unless the auto is authorized by law to be parked therein and a human being with a impairment is either the driver or a passenger in that vehicle. State, county, or municipal law enforcement officers or parking enforcement authority police officers shall obtrude the parking constraints on spaces appropriately significant for vehicles for persons through disabilities on both public and also private property.

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No person shall move a auto not legitimate under the person"s regulate into any type of such prohibition area or far from a curb such street as is unlawful.

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