Ophelia in the 4th act of Hamlet is demonstrably insane, but the direct reason of she slipped sanity is something that remains debatable. While the is obvious that Ophelia is grieving over the fatality of she father, Polonius, as Horatio claims of her “She speaks much of she father, states she hears / There’s top in the world, and also hems, and beats she heart” (4.5.4-5), a second cause that Ophelia’s madness may be in fact about her failed partnership with Hamlet as well.

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The evidence suggesting that she is simply mourning she father is obvious, as lines from among her many “songs” points in the direction of grieving end an aged relative “His beard as white as eye / all flaxen to be his poll” v flaxen right here indicating a white or grayed head of hair (4.5.190-191). This line directly references an older man and also because of this detail, Polonius’s fatality has obviously taken its toy fee on Ophelia’s psyche, leading to her come spout such wild and woeful songs. More explicit referrals to Ophelia’s father, such as “I would give you some violets, however they withered all when my dad died. They say a made a good end.” give more credence to Ophelia’s shattered mental state, as she is constantly fixating ~ above the fatality of Polonius, so much so the every solitary thing reminds her of his pass (4.5.180-181). Ophelia’s insanity is possibly overtaking her so much so the she go not also recognize who she is talking to in this instance–her brothers Laertes. Due to the fact that Polonius was such a crucial figure in her life, she is likely bereaved beyond assist and hence does not acknowledge her brother.

However, the clearly sexual referrals in Ophelia’s songs perhaps account for she obsession through the now missing Hamlet, as in “promising his love” come her previously in the play and then gift scorned, she is doubly heartbroken together the death of her father. Through lines like “Young men will do’t if castle come to’t / through Cock, they room to blame” signifies a strange and perhaps oblique referral to a promiscuous or simply flighty man who guarantees love (or sex here with words “cock”) but backs out after a short time (4.5.59-60). This is compounded on by a adhering to line, “You promised me come wed, / So would I ‘a’ done, by yonder sun, / An you hadst not concerned my bed.” and it is this component of Ophelia’s song that most likely damns Hamlet together a reason of her mental fracturing (4.5.62-64). Though the man in the song has promised the speaker that they will quickly wed, he has actually left her for no apparent reason and also like Hamlet’s alleged cases of love and also marriage to Ophelia, therefore too has Hamlet broken those vow for factors unbeknownst. The is likely that Ophelia has fixated top top Hamlet’s “detestable” oath break so much so that in not requiting her love, Hamlet has damaged both she heart and also her poor mind.

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Ophelia exists together a tragic personality in Hamlet and one the is entirely pitiable due to the fact that of unfortunate scenarios that she has actually been placed through.


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Kristin Ludwig November 24, 2015 in ~ 10:52 pm

Sam,We both wrote around Ophelia! that is amazing to me that you think her suicide is because of both she father’s death and also her facility relationship v Hamlet. I absolutely feel that before Polonius die she is effected by just how Hamlet treats her, i beg your pardon the argument I make in mine post. I wonder if she father no die would certainly she have reacted to this accident in the same way? would she have been more proactive with trying come fight the existing of the stream? Or would certainly her fate be the same? the is amazing to analyze this step to watch that both she father’s death and also Hamlet’s acts caused her madness. Ns wonder which had an ext an effect? SO many questions that are created by your post. Fine written!