Egg timers take many shapes and also forms. In today’s review, we’re looking in ~ the Taylor Egg Timer

Instructions for just how to boil eggsFill the pot through room temperature water, location eggs and also timer into the pot.Turn top top heat and also bring water come a slow boil for best color change results.Watch for wanted color change to Soft, tool or Hard. The color will readjust at the exterior of the egg timer first.When done, eliminate eggs from heat and also cool automatically in ice cream water for around 15 seconds to protect against the food preparation process. *The warm egg timer could be damaged in cold water – perform not cool v eggs.Eat eggs automatically for warm centers or chill fully in the refrigerator because that future use.

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A few things was standing out around these instructions. First, that they indicate TWICE no to put the timer into cold water – once in the numbered instructions and then again in the note below. Second, the they speak to usage the freshest eggs possible. Over there is some debate around using fresh egg for much better flavor versus older egg for simpler peeling. Third, the they encompass the obligatory warning the something simply in boiling water will certainly be hot… because, friend know, everyone’s an idiot. And finally, that they include a particular instruction come eat the eggs. We were honestly a little surprised the they didn’t include a action for peeling the shells off.

The Process

Four eggs, Taylor egg timer, water, vinegar, salt

Following the instructions, us used 4 large, store-bought eggs. Naught fancy. We also included a tiny bit that vinegar and also salt in the water to aid get the shells off much more easily afterwards.

The instructions recommended a slow-moving boil so we supplied medium warmth on the electrical stovetop.

The egg timer changing colors during the process

As the water heated, the Taylor egg timer did adjust color. It went native a deep, vibrant yellow come a softer yellow. The did not quite acquire to full white. The photo over shows the timer mid-boil (looks like about the soft boil stage).

However, as the water gained to a much more rolling boil, it came to be significantly more daunting to view the timer. The eggs appeared to cluster around the timer and every one of the balloon were whereby the eggs were. This is what to be most commonly seen native above.

During a full boil, that was difficult to view the timer allow alone review it

After about 23 minutes full on the stove at medium, it looked prefer the timer had fully turned white. That includes both the moment for the water to reach a boil and then the time of the egg boiling alongside the Taylor egg timer.

Had to relocate the pan off of the warmth to examine the timer

The timer does still look yellowy though not virtually as dark as it began out. Sort of a very pale yellow. The shade was clearer to see as soon as it was the end of the water.

The timer turn a pale yellow ~ heating quite than pure white

The Criteria

For this test, we were going for a complete hard boil. That method a firm, consistently-textured yolk. Offered that we room using store-bought eggs, the yolk will likely be light yellow in color. There must be no environment-friendly ring in between the yolk and also the white.

The Results

After the ice cream bath, we peeled two of the eggs and also checked because that doneness.

Egg 1 had a mostly set center with a small bit of moisture

The very first egg mirrors a mostly continuous yolk with no green ring. However, there is a small spot of moisture in the very center. This is displayed in the fifty percent on the left in the photo. The yolk was flaky in texture and light yellow.

Egg 2 shows a distinct difference in shade within the yolk

The second egg had actually properly collection whites yet the yolk was inconsistent. The outer component of the yolk (towards the whites) is irradiate yellow. Then there is a clearly shows color change towards the middle. The really center is a lot darker yellow and not together crumbly.

The Verdict

Ease that Use:

For ease of use, we offer the Taylor egg timer 3 out of five eggs. It was very clear that you have to already have a sense for exactly how long the takes to cook eggs or the patience of a saint. In order to know when the eggs room done, you should stand there staring at the timer. For over twenty minutes. Over there is no audible cue because that if (read: when) friend wander off in the time.

Some of the Amazon reviews

declared that the timer flipped throughout cooking. We did not suffer that. However, we did endure the difficulty in reading the timer while it was in use. The steam and bubbles made it very challenging to gauge at times.

When it comes to necessity, this gets 2 out of 5 eggs. We have actually timers top top microwaves, ovens, cell phones… you surname it. If you currently know roughly how long it takes eggs to boil, as thorough above, climate you likely have a better way to achieve the exact same results.

Speaking that results, we give the Taylor egg timer four out of 5 eggs because that the outcome. That came an extremely close to timing boiled eggs properly. Our difficult boiled test gained the yolks mostly set but would have forced a little much more time for full consistency. One thing we detailed was that the huge eggs used are a little bit bigger 보다 the timer itself. It might be that this timer works ideal for medium sized eggs, which would be closer come the timer’s size. Clearly, an ext experimentation is needed. Delicious, delicious experimentation!

Overall, that gives the Taylor egg timer 3 out of five eggs. Not bad for the couple of dollars spent yet maybe not the an initial tool come reach for when trying to find the perfect boiled egg.

If you’ve tried the Taylor egg timer or an additional product prefer it, you re welcome comment below. We’d love come hear around your eggs-perience.

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