Origin of the surname Heidi:

A pet form of Adalheid (noble one) and also Hildegard (battle protector), Heidi is also bestowed as an independent given name. It ended up being well known globally from Johanna Spyri"s well known story "Heidi."

From A world of infant Names by Teresa Norman.

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Deidre Delilah Eileen Elijah Eliza Isaac Isaiah Ivy Jodie Judy Levi Liza Maia Mariah Mia Michael Peter Phoebe Sheila Simon Stephen Tyler Wendy Wyatt Wylie
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Hi-da, Heid, Hides, Hidis, Heidi-Ho, Hi-D, Di, Dee

Meanings and background of the surname Heidi

A nickname because that Adelheid (the German kind of Adelaide), this was never used together an live independence name till the publishing of Johanna Spyri"s novel "Heidi" in 1880. The heroine of this publication was originally called Adelheid, after she mother. She was referred to as Heidi by her aunt, and also the nickname stuck.

Heidi, choose its parental form, means "nobility". That is a "virtue name" like Hope, Grace, Honor, and Patience.

Famous real-life human being named Heidi

Heidi Collins, CNN anchorHeidi Klum, German supermodel.Heidi Thomas, English screenwriter and also playwright, finest known for "Call the Midwife".Heidi Swanson, American food writerHeidi Biebl (b.

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1941), German Olympic downhill skier who was the youngest gold medalist in the 1960 Winter Games.Heidi Range, English singer, component of the group SugababesHeidi Newfield, American nation singer.Heidi Murkoff, co-author the "What come Expect when You"re Expecting" and also its sequels.Heidi VanDerveer, American basketball coachHeidi Neumark, minister and authorHeidi Ravven, professor the neuroscience and also expert ~ above philosophy and ethicsHeidi Montag, reality TV starHeidi Durrow, writer of the "The Girl Who fell From The Sky."Heidi Fleiss, previous Hollywood madam.

Heidi in song, story & screen

"Heidi", standard novel by Johanna Spyri (1880), which has actually been filmed in countless versions and also many different languages.Heidi Holland, protagonist of "The Heidi Chronicles" through Wendy Wasserstein. The work-related was performed as a Broadway play indigenous 1988-1990, and became a tv film starring Jamie Lee Curtis in 1995.Heidi Joan Schoonover, protagonist that the movie "The Competition" (1980), played by Amy Irving.Heidi, ethereally beautiful "fisher" vampire the the Volturi safety in the "Twilight" collection of publications by Stephenie MeyerHeidi is among the charactors in buy it Dessen"s publication Along because that the Ride.Heidi Turner, minor character in southern Park