How carry out you say grandma in Spanish? If you looking for specific translation, that would be: “abuela”.

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However, you probably want more than that if her grandma is indigenous a Spanish background, or since she just speaks Spanish and also you want to connect far better with her.

That reminds me of my friend Trevon.

His Grandma to be from Puerto Rico, yet she only spoke English.

The sad point was the he never talked to her, and also when she died, the felt guilty because he never made any type of effort to gain to recognize her. 

His excuse to be the language, yet I know you don’t desire to be choose that.

You want to improve your interaction with her Spanish-speaking family.

This post is because that you since we’ll go through 14 different ways come say grandma in Spanish.

The goal is to help you develop a bigger collection of native to call your grandma with various nicknames.

After analysis this post, friend will likewise be maybe to recognize when native speakers refer to their nannies.

#1 The precise translation for Grandma in Spanish: Abuela


Yes, “mamá” means mother, however that’s also a nickname for grandmother.

People who say this want to connect that their grandmother is as respected and loved as their own mothers.

This is actually how my mother refers to her grandmother as soon as she talks around her.

Here are few of the phrases my mom says once she remembered she grandma:

La mamá rosa preparaba un dulce de papaya excelente: Rosa, my grandma offered to prepare an excellent papaya dessert.La mamá rosa se enojaba mucho porque los niños hacían mucha bulla: Rosa,My grandma offered to get really angry due to the fact that the youngsters were an extremely noisy.

#10 Mamita

Another nickname to call your grandmother is “Mamita”, i m sorry is a diminutive for Mom.

Just as #9, If you’re utilizing this word, you’re referring to her grandma as if she was your mother.

This one, however, gives the grandma a little an ext affection because it supplies a diminutive.

It communicates that you consider your grandma a loving and sweet person.

I think just Colombians use this nickname, despite I may be wrong. If girlfriend know around other nations using it, permit me know in the comments.

Some examples:

Hola hijo, ¿ya saludaste a la mamita?: hi son, did you say hi to Grandma already?La mamita no tiene hambre, ella dijo que prefería un postre en vez de sopa: Grandma isn’t hungry, she claimed she preferred a dessert instead of soup.

#11 Mita

This is the shortened variation of “Mamita”.

As you can notice, us skip “Ma”, and also the only thing us say is “Mita”

Here are some examples:

Mita, ¿le traigo los audífonos para que escuche mejor?: Grandma. Perform you desire me to bring you the headphones so you deserve to hear better?;ita, ¿si vio que mi hermano me robó la pelota que usted me regaló?: Grandma, walk you view that my brothers stole the sphere you gave me?

#12 Nana

“Nana” is one old word aboriginal speakers use to say Grandma in Spanish with a touch the affection.

Honestly, i don’t hear it very often. Maybe it is the an ar in which ns live since it isn’t very common in mine area.

For instance:

Mi nana me enseñó que uno no debe escuchar a los extraños: My grandma taught me that i shouldn’t listen to strangersMi nana nos cuidaba mucho, más que mi mamá: My grandma provided to take care of us a lot, much more than mine mother.

Another method to use this word is to talk around a mrs who’s rental to take treatment of kids, and clean a house.

#13 Yaya

This is another nickname to display affection to her grandmother.

People use it in both Spain and also Latin America. 

However, if you want me to be moral I’ve never ever heard that in Colombia and also I’ve never used it with any kind of of mine grandmother’s.

Some examples:

Hay que limpiar la casa porque la yaya viene de visita y a ella no le gusta el desorden: I have to clean the house since grandma is comes to visit and she doesn’t choose the messLa yaya está muy triste porque le dijeron que el banco ya no le prestaría dinero: Grandma is really sad due to the fact that they called her the the financial institution wouldn’t lend she money anymore.

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#14 Tita

The indigenous “Tita” is another method of referring to your grandmother together you to express affection because that her.