Make dark blue paint by mix blue and also black paint together. This takes just a couple of moments come accomplish. You require blue paint, black color paint, white paint, a container and also a mix stick.

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Decide how much repaint you needLook at the area that you desire to repaint in order to determine how much paint you need. Make sure to evaluate the lot you need to adequately covering the surface.

Add the blue repaint first

Because blue is the base color, include the blue repaint first. Place the ideal amount in the container.

Mix in the black color paint

Carefully measure out the black color paint. Begin out using just a an extremely little, around one part to every 10 components of blue paint. Thoroughly integrate the two colors. If the blue is no dark enough, add more black until you obtain the wanted color

Add white paint

If you add too much black paint and also mix a blue shade that is as well dark for your needs, include white repaint to lighten the shade. Avoid adding too lot white, as this can cause the paint to turn gray and also muddy. Add small amounts that white in ~ a time till you lighten the shade sufficiently.

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