There’s no surefire means to call if someone has actually blocked friend on Skype. This is a typical security measure taken by interaction software developers. That way, anybody deserve to block anyone there is no notifying them. However, you can still want to recognize if someone has blocked friend on skype or not.

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Thus, we have put with each other this short article to let friend know just how do you recognize if someone blocked you top top Skype. Together you understand there’s no straightforward way to discover that out, we will certainly share number of tips through you for you to try. We hope these tips will help you to uncover if you have actually been blocked or no on Skype.

So, stop begin…


Remark: Any of these tips can work in your favor. So, if one doesn’t work, skip to the following one.

How carry out You understand if Someone blocked You ~ above Skype?

Method #1 shot to Communicate:

This is the most typical solution. You can have already tried it. If girlfriend did, you deserve to skip come the next step. Anyway, after ~ signing in to her Skype account, walk to the contact of the human being that can have clogged you.


Next, send an instant message or just contact them via Skype. One of two people a video or audio speak to would suffice. Now, if your article or the call reaches the other person, you space not blocked. Conversely, if it mirrors notifications like ‘Call Failed’, ‘Undelivered’, ‘Processing…’ etc. Climate they might have placed you on your blocklist.

Method #2 check the call Icon:

Once you authorize in to her Skype account, girlfriend will acquire to inspect all the contact on her list. For the computer version, the recently contacted contacts will be top top the left pane top top the screen. For Mobile users, it will be the default display that you uncover after opened the chat application app.

Typically, friend will uncover different varieties of icons along with every contact such together ‘green check-mark’, ‘gray X icon’ etc. Now, if the various other person has actually blocked you, the icon will be turned to a gray X or Question mark (?). But this is a instance that might additionally indicate that they have actually just removed you indigenous their contact list.

Method #3 check their Profile

Another trick is to inspect their profile details manually. Here’s just how to execute that…

For computer Version:

Launch chat application or go to Skype net on your browserThen authorize in v your account credentialsNext, every the contacts will be ~ above the left next paneNow, right-click ~ above the contact of the human that can have blocked youAnd, click on the ‘View Profile’ alternative from the popup menu


If you watch something choose this on their profile: ‘The user has actually not mutual their information/details v you’. Climate this is a sign that they clogged you

For mobile Version:

Launch the Skype application on your phone and sign in


Now, tap and also hold top top the contact that you desire to inspect until a popup food selection appearsTap top top the ‘View Profile’ choice from thereSimilarly, if you watch something favor this: ‘The Person…not shared…details’. climate you space blocked by them

Method #4 create a team Chat:

This is another neat workaround to make sure if someone has blocked friend on Skype. For this, you have to start a new group chat session. Here’s how…

Open and sign in to your Skype accountNow native the left-hand tab, click on the ‘New Chat’ buttonNext, click on the ‘New team Chat’ optionNow, girlfriend will have to offer the group a new name


And, climate you can start come add brand-new contacts come the group you have just created

So, in ~ this moment, friend will include the contact of the human you think that could have blocked you. Typically, it will certainly be excellent promptly. But, if the human actually blocked you, you could see a notification like this: ‘It’s not you, it’s us. You can’t include this participant to the conversation’. This means that you are on the blocklist of the person.

Tips ~ above Skype group Chat:

However, if you have actually successfully added the call to the team chat, and don’t desire to notify the human being at all. Then, you deserve to remove the call from the group immediately. That way, the other human will no be notified.

On the other hand, if someone else starts a team chat v both you and the human being that clogged you. The messages you share in the group chat will be ceded to all the members of the group.

Method #5 examine their access Status:

Go come the who profile and you will be able to find their access status under your name. If you watch it is collection to ‘Last seen Days Ago’ because that a long time. Or the ‘Online’ status has actually not appeared forever. Climate they can have blocked you. However, by default, chat application sets the status to ‘Last checked out Days Ago’ if anyone there is no signed into their account for the critical 6 days.

Method #6 search Away:

Go come the ‘Search’ box on your Skype account and form in the username, really name, or the email of the person. If you nothing find any kind of match in the find result, climate they have actually probably clogged you.

Method #7 check their profile Picture:

You can also take a look at the profile photo of the other person. Normally, lock will have their own profile picture on your profile information. But, in case they have blocked you, you will certainly see among Skype’s default display avatars in their profile. For instance, you can see the chat application logo/Big ‘S’ icon instead the their initial picture. This way either you room blocked or they have actually deleted their account.

Method #8 If you are blocked:

You will still have the ability to see your profile snapshot even if a human being blocked you. So, this will certainly be the same whether you room blocked or not.

Method #9 If you room Blocked & Removed:

The only time you will not have the ability to see your profile snapshot is as soon as they have actually both blocked and removed your call from their concha list. So, once you don’t watch their file picture, you deserve to be sure that they have put friend on your blocklist.

Method #10 Untitled Chat:

After signing in to her Skype account, navigate come the ‘recent Chats’ list. It will certainly be on the left-hand side of the display on the computer version the the software. For the mobile user, that is the default display that opens up up when you launch the skype app.


Now, scroll down to the bottom the the list and you could find a few contacts called ‘Untitled Chat’ there. These room the contacts either you have blocked or they have actually blocked you. But unfortunately, girlfriend won’t have the ability to retrieve any information about the contact. So, you will certainly not recognize for sure who has blocked you.

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Our critical Words:

Here are 10 advice to uncover out if someone has blocked girlfriend on Skype. Every one of these techniques are simply workaround together there space no absolute methods to discover out specifically if someone blocked you or not. Thus, try one by one until you find out the one method that works for you.

And if you have any more tips or tricks on this topic, nothing forget come share with us in the comment ar down below!