Medically the evaluation by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — written by Teresa Bergen — updated on June 6, 2017

What is gastric suction?

Gastric suction, or stomach pumping, is a procedure your doctor can perform to north the components of your stomach quickly during an emergency. It’s additionally known together gastric lavage and nasogastric tube suction.

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Your doctor may order gastric suction if you’ve swallowed poison or overdosed ~ above pills. If you’ve swallowed something poisonous, such together a household chemical, acquire to the hospital as quickly as possible. Gastric suction is many successful if it’s performed within four hours of eat a gift substance. When the poison functions its way further right into your digestive tract, performing this procedure won’t eliminate it.

Your physician may likewise order gastric suction after particular surgeries top top your abdominal area, such together a gastrectomy. This procedure involves the partial or complete removal of your stomach. Gastric suction can aid keep her stomach north while girlfriend heal. In this case, you i will not ~ be eat solid foods, so only thin liquids will enter your stomach. A low level of suction will be offered to eliminate the fluids.

Your doctor may likewise use gastric suction to:

collect a sample of her stomach acidrelieve push on her intestines if they’re blockedsuction the end blood if you’ve had actually a stomach hemorrhageclean out your stomach if you vomiting blood during an upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy, i m sorry is a procedure in i m sorry your physician inserts a scope under your stomach to study your upper GI tractto safely carry out surgery and also limit the threat of aspiration pneumoniato decompress the stomach throughout assisted ventilation in a hospital setting

If you’re undergoing gastric suction since of poisoning, drug overdose, or various other emergency situations, you won’t have time to prepare for it beforehand. But if your doctor orders gastric suction to collection a sample of your stomach mountain for testing, they may ask girlfriend to quick or stop taking details medications prior to the procedure.

Before the procedure, your medical professional may give you medicine to numb her throat. This will help decrease gagging and irritation. Then, they’ll insert a lubricated tube right into your mouth or nose and thread the down with your esophagus into your stomach. Her esophagus is the tube the connects her mouth to her stomach.

Your doctor might spray water or saline solution down the tube before applying suction. Saline solution can assist protect you against electrolyte discrepancies that can occur when your doctor removes fluids from her stomach. They’ll then apply suction to eliminate your stomach contents.

If you have the tube put while you recovering from abdominal muscle surgery, your physician will most likely leave it in while girlfriend heal. A nurse will certainly probably water the tube frequently with saline solution. This helps to keep the pipe open and also prevent blockages.

This procedure have the right to be uncomfortable. You may feel like gagging while they insert the tube. Afterward, your throat might feel irritated.

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This procedure also poses much more serious risks. One of the most typical is aspiration pneumonia. This happens once some of her stomach components enter into your lung or airways. Untreated aspiration pneumonia can potentially cause lung swelling, lung abscesses, or bacter pneumonia. The symptom of aspiration pneumonia include:

chest painwheezingcoughing increase phlegma bluish color to her skinexhaustiona fever

This hazard occurs if the tube becomes dislodged. Having actually gastric suction can safeguard you from aspiration pneumonia through emptying the stomach prior to contents can obtain into the respiratory tract.

Other dangers of gastric suction include:

spasms of her vocal cords, i beg your pardon temporarily avoid normal breathingthe tube entering your airway instead of your esophagusthe tube poking a feet in your esophagusstomach components getting pushed more into your bowelsminor bleeding

Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have around this procedure. Castle can aid you know the potential benefits and risks.


Medically the evaluation by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — composed by Teresa Bergen — to update on June 6, 2017