motivation The Only method to Eat one Elephant

exactly how we set our objectives has whatever to execute with whether or not we attain them.

posted April 24, 2018 | the evaluation by Ekua Hagan

Desmond Tutu when wisely said that “there is only one means to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” What he meant by this is that every little thing in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be accomplished gradually by taking on just a little at a time.

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If you’ve ever before wanted to attain something major, you understand that acquiring started can be a little bit of a challenge. Perhaps you have actually some vague idea about what you want but no clue just how to get it. Or maybe you sit under to think around everything you need to do and get completely intimidated, freeze up and also feeling i can not qualify of taking the very first step.

This is a typical experience, and also it’s the factor so many world fall brief of turning their desires into reality. They shot to eat the whole elephant in a solitary bite.

One really important crucial to eating the elephant together it’s intended to be eaten is setting goals. People who understand me personally or have worked with me in therapy understand that ns a big fan of goals. My life and work have noted me with enough evidence to confirm that people are qualified of far much more than us can also imagine.

But in order come tap right into our countless potential, we need to know what it is we want to accomplish. Setup goals is vital practice for developing a meaningful, satisfying, effective life. And also while the exercise of goalsetting, in general, is important, over there are certain ways to set goals that more increase the likelihood that success.

A specifically powerful technique of goal-setting offers the clever acronym smart to guide the process of turning large dreams right into reality. As soon as you’ve come up through a goal, check to be sure it meets the complying with criteria:


Be clear and also concrete around what you want to accomplish. That much easier to job-related toward a particular goal (lose 12 pounds) than it is to work toward a vague one (get in shape). When working top top this aspect of her goal, visualize what you and what your life will certainly look like once you’ve completed it. That will aid you to specify exactly what you desire to achieve.


Set a score that permits you to measure your progress toward achieving it. Ask you yourself the complying with question: how will I recognize that I’ve completed my goal? Some world find it advantageous to break the main goal down into small, measurable objectives.

For example, if your key goal is to begin a business, you deserve to break the down into all the progressive steps you will do it take along the way: produce a business name, register the business, set up the taxation ID, etc. Making your goal measurable is crucial way to store yourself top top track. The bonus is that you have the right to celebrate follow me the means as you achieve each the the goals that brings you closer come success!


Make your goals realistic. One of the best pitfalls come success is making the goal also big. You don’t desire to bite off an ext than you can chew, so take part time come think carefully around your goal and also be sure it’s reasonable and realistic. If you’re in your mid-30s and have a passion for baseball, it’ll make much more sense to collection a score of becoming a little League coach than aiming to become a star MLB player. Boost your possibilities of make your desires come true by factoring reality into your plans.


Set a goal that means something come you. Working towards your goals, no issue how huge or small, takes work. By setup a goal the you’re passionate around and truly want to achieve, you will do it be much more likely come stay motivated along the way. When the going gets tough, you deserve to remind you yourself of just how much you want to reach the end up life and also find the energy to keep going.


Set a deadline, and commit come it! putting time stamps top top your goals is a means of holding yourself accountable and making certain you stay focused and on task. You might need to carry out some research study to uncover out exactly how long you deserve to reasonably expect to need to work on her goal before you can accomplish it. If friend don’t collection a deadline, you i will not ~ be nearly as likely to continue to be committed and also keep the wheels in motion.

Check in with your attributed every now and also again to be sure it stays realistic, and use it as a means to remain motivated.

Motivational coach Zig Ziglar reminds us that “a goal properly set is halfway reached.” setting a goal is as with eating an elephant. Bit by bit, bite through bite, girlfriend make feasible what at an initial seemed impossible. You get a small bit closer to living your best life. You’ve acquired what that takes; now acquire SMART and turn those dreams into reality!

Denise Fournier, Ph.D.

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, is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, coach, and adjunct professor in ~ Nova Southeastern University.





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