IMVU is one online community where world create their own customized 3D avatars and enjoy spending time through friends online. V over 6 million subscribers, and also with the biggest virtual products catalog, there is many of funny to be had actually on the platform. You deserve to create, sell, and also buy goods, collection up games, and also chatrooms, and also did we cite the practice avatars?

However, if friend like countless of us have found yourself spending much more time online and also less time on points that are essential to you, you may want to take it a break. Just promising you yourself you i will not ~ be security as lot time online might not work and you might want to disable or delete few of your social and games accounts to assist you remain accountable.

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Luckily the easiest and official way to deactivate your IMVU account is not irreversible unless you want it come be. To disable your account, follow these an easy steps:

Enter her account password as soon as prompted
Then select continue
Once your account is turned off a success web page will appear informing you of this

You have to make sure that the email resolve attached to her account is energetic and that you have accessibility to it. Upon deleting your account, you will certainly receive an email from IMVU with a reactivation link. You need to save this if you’d favor to reactivate your account in the future.

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If you cannot discover this e-mail however still great to reactivate your account, you can do this by opened a support ticket in the help center at IMVU and stating your account name, e-mail, and few other details around the account you wish to restore.

Note that IMVU may delete your account permanently there is no letting you understand if it stays in one inactive state because that a lengthy time. They will certainly not delete your account permanently if you carry out not go with the deletion procedure but simply stop using it.

If you want the firm to delete her data immediately, the best way to attain this is come send them an email. Friend can accessibility their e-mail deal with on the website. You can likewise just e-mail to delete your account back the an approach above is much easier in our opinion. Keep in mind that the email technique only functions for more recent accounts 2-3 years.

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IMVU additionally has a phone call customer support line you can speak to to delete her account. This is detailed on their website under assist and Support. Some civilization may choose this option as the is instant, and also you advantage from the human touch while others may prefer the options we presented previously.