Waka Flocka typically makes headlines because that his social media write-ups that frequently leave fans in one uproar or for his declaration on his reality show alongside his wife, Tammy Rivera. But, Flocka warmed the understanding of millions once he announced the he would certainly be utilizing his platform to help aid in suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The rapper has experienced tragedy regarded mental wellness after his younger brother took his very own life.

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Waka Flocka 2011 | Estevan Oriol/Getty Images

Waka Flocka lost his brothers to suicide

Flocka’s brother and also fellow rap artist Kayo Redd, was reported dead indigenous gunshot wounds in December 2013. Just hours prior to his death, he’d supported and exit his mixtape, Red Kisses. the was later reported that his death was by suicide and confirmed by Flocka in a distressed tweet that was later removed indigenous Flocka’s social media feed.

Kayo Redd via Twitter

Flocka addressed Redd’s death in two different tweets hours after his death went public. “God please bless me.” the wrote. Later that day, Flocka complied with up with, “Ya big Brother love girlfriend Kayo” and shared a 15-second picture montage that Redd. 

Flocka’s mother, i know well hop manager Debra Antney, likewise spoke on Redd’s passing. “I simply lost another son,” she wrote.

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At the time, Redd was experiencing his own an individual struggles, consisting of losing his eyesight. His family members later explained that he’d to be a victim the bullying.

Kayo Redd via Twitter

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It wasn’t the an initial tragedy for the Flocka family. One more brother of Flocka’s passed away from a auto accident as soon as he was 13-years-old. Antney later said Flocka took his brother’s accident hard and he plot out because he blamed himself. A member of Flocka’s crew, Slim Dunkin, to be murdered during an argument at a recording studio 2 years before Redd’s suicide. 

Flocka spoke of Redd’s self-destruction in 2017 with Viceland and also spoke around the emotion of remorse he feeling in the after-effects of his Redd’s death. “Before my small brother killed himself, i hadn’t choose up the phone. I watched him call and I said, ‘F**k, let me speak to Kayo ago as quickly as this s**t over with,” Flocka said. 

Flocka said he gave up rap for a while due to the fact that the load Kayo’s self-destruction weighed so heavily on him. “What if i would have answered his call? That’s when I said, ‘This laboratory s**t, F**k this rap s**t.”

Waka Flocka announces he is dedicating his life to self-destruction prevention and mental health

The guilt the Redd’s death continued to follow Flocka and influence him in methods he never ever imagined. He ongoing to blame himself, informing Viceland that he taken how Redd being in his zero potentially influenced him. However Flocka claims he to be so busy that he fail to salary Redd’s feelings any kind of real attention. The told Viceland: