B) substantial impact craters filled with frozen carbon dioxide and also dark-colored silt and also dust.

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C) Massive, basaltic comets melted when they struggle the lunar surface.

D) The solar wind eroded an extremely wide, shallow basins that filled v lunar dust.

12) Vast, circular to elliptical dark-colored smooth areas of the Moon are known as ________.

A) Olympian fields

B) Copernican steppes

C) lunar maria

D) lunar lava flats

13) The an initial modern astronomer to propose a Sun-centered cosmos was ________.

A) teacher Isaac Newton

B) Galileo

C) Tycho Brahe

D) Nicolaus Copernicus

14) Three laws of planetary motion were discovered by ________.

A) teacher Isaac Newton

B) johannes Kepler

C) Tycho Brahe

D) Nicolaus Copernicus

15) many of the Moon's craters were created by ________.

A) the influence of meteoroids

B) volcano eruptions

C) faulting

D) nuclear testing throughout the Cold War

16) The largest recognized volcano in the solar device is ________.

A) Mauna Loa, Hawaii, ~ above Earth

B) Maat Mons ~ above Venus

C) Solfatara top top Jupiter

D) Olympus Mons on Mars



Examine the figure. I m sorry of the lettered locations show the anorthosite-rich lunar highlands?

A) A

B) B

C) both A and B

D) no A no one B

18) i m sorry planet has actually the fastest price of motion, and the shortest year?

A) Mercury

B) Venus

C) Earth

D) Mars

19) Why does Venus present fewer affect craters as contrasted to Mercury or Mars?

A) The world didn't gain as numerous meteorite effects as neighboring planets did.

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B) The earth was broadly resurfaced by volcanic eruptions after the hefty bombardment period.