· it finished reconstruction· that legalized black color Codes· available Parton"s to Confederate generals ·put the south under military rule
Sharecropping is a device of farming or agricultural production in i m sorry a landowner enables a tenant to use the land in return because that a re-superstructure of the crop created on the land. A tenant farmer is onewho stays on and farms land owned by a landlord.

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Sharecropping is the exercise of a large landowner to permit farmers and also their families to live ~ above a plot of land, loan lock money, food, tools, seed, and other necessities, in exchange because that a portionSharecropping was supplied to limit the rights and also The sharecropper was nearly always in debt and therefore was obligated to proceed to stay on the floor to job-related off the debt.
why go the device of sharecropping and also tenant farming encourage planters Grove cash crops instead that food crops?
The price the food crops skyrockets together cash crops drop in price. The is harder because that a human being living at or below the poverty income line come eat and feed his/her family
The compromise of 1877 to be an unwritten, informal deal in between the Republican and also Democrats that Congress<2> to recognize this Republican president if the adhering to actions take it place: 1. Remove of all federal troops from the southerly states. 2. Meeting of at least one southern Democrat into Hayes"s Administration. 3. Building of a second transcontinental railroad in the South referred to as the Texas and Pacific. 4. Law enacted to aid industrialize the South.
In the deteriorate of 1877, Hayes promised that as President, the would remove federal troops native all southerly states. Souther Democrats would regain complete control the the region. In return,Democrats would allow Hayes to case a win he had not plainly won.

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Johnson"s plan stated that pardon"s would certainly be issued to those wa commitment oath. Lincoln said that people must take it an oath the they never ever put up arms versus the joined states. Lincoln also statedthat 1/10 oath that the voters should take one oath.
how did the can be fried Court"s interpretation of the 14th and 15th amendment hurt the afri Americans?
how did president Ulysses S Grant and also his management contribute come a brand-new rise of the southern autonomous Party in national politics?