From green Day to Bastille and The 1975, here's the stories behind exactly how your favourite bands obtained their names.

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Ever wondered exactly how your favourite bands gained their names? What"s the story behind the team title? us did part investigating and also found out some of the story of exactly how the surname of our faves involved fruition.

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1) The 1975


Interscope, YouTube

According come Matty Healy, the name came out that some composing he discovered in an old book while on holiday in Majorca.

I discovered a psychological page of scribblings. It was SO mad ns couldn’t number out even if it is it to be suicidal or totally life affirming. What stuck to me was that the page was dated, “1st June. The 1975”.

Matty Healy

2) loss Out Boy



FOB are, the course, named after the personality of the same name indigenous The Simpsons. Radioactive man"s sidekick to be apparently said to the guys at an early show in Chicago by an audience member.

3) Panic! in ~ The Disco



Although many think that the name came from The Smiths" tune "Panic" with its chorus that "burn under the disco", Brendon Urie has since stated that the name was in reality taken native the lyrics to a surname Taken song: "Panic at the disco/Sat back and take it it therefore slow/Are girlfriend nervous?/Are girlfriend shaking?". So over there you go.

4) Twenty One Pilots



Tyler called the team after a recommendation to the Arthur Miller beat "All my Sons" in i beg your pardon the protagonist kills 21 pilots during people War 2 after deliberately selling faulty plane parts. Contempt bleak selection but, hey, the boys still have their bouncy ukulele moments on record to balance the out.

5) fifth Harmony



6) eco-friendly Day



Californian slang dictates that a eco-friendly Day is a day spent hanging roughly smoking weed. Hear to any type of of the waster anthems on the trio"s very first two albums and also it"s not hard to watch why the moniker stuck.

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7) 5 seconds Of Summer



According to legend, Michael Clifford rang the boys up and announced he had picked the surname for them. Following thing they know, they are on tour with One Direction and the name has stuck. Sometimes it simply happens that way kids!

8) Paramore



Paramore was the maiden name of the mommy of one of the initial bassists in the band"s early days. Provided the accordingly loved up meaning of the word "paramour", the band preserved the name but with the less typical spelling in order to was standing out.

9) Bastille



Frontman Dan Smith"s date of birth is on the 14th of July aka the French celebration event of Bastille day. And also thus a band surname was born.

10) all Time Low


Alt Press

The pop punk tape took the surname from one of their favourite pop punk song by popular music punk legends brand-new Found Glory, namely their pop punk classic "Head ~ above Collision": "And that feels favor I"m at an every time low". Very pop punk.

11) go The Moon


New Year"s Rockin" Eve

Also based upon a song title by your musical heroes, the "Shut Up and Dance" group took their surname from The Police tune "Walking ~ above The Moon".

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12) My chemical Romance



Another literary reference below as Mikey Way, while functioning in book store Barnes and also Noble, took a liking to Irvine Welsh"s publication "Ecstasy: three Tales ofChemical Romance".