Brad Paisley (age 46) very first fell for Kimberly Williams (age 47) once he observed her in Father of the Bride.

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The nation star actors the actress in his music video clip "I"m Gonna miss Her" year later.Now married 15 years, the couple shares two kids, young Huck and Jasper.


Nineteen-year-old Brad Paisley was on a day watching Father the the Bride as soon as he establish he was much more intrigued by the girl onscreen than the one sitting alongside him. It didn"t job-related out through his date (she dumped him, follow to Taste that Country) but he go eventually finish up marrying the actress in the movie, Kimberly Williams.

That was 1991. In 1995, Brad go to see the sequel, Father of the Bride part II.

"I thought, She seems like a an excellent girl—smart and also funny and also all those points that space so tough to find," Brad told Good Housekeeping.

In 1999, the musician exit his very first country single, "Who requirements Pictures." A few years later, quiet smitten through the face of Annie Banks, Brad cast Kimberly in the video for his song, "I"m Gonna miss out on Her" native the album Part II.

"He stalked me. That"s the long and also the brief of it," Kimberly joked on CBS" Sunday Morning in 2011. "He states it to be love at very first sight because that him, and for me the was much more like love at an initial month or two."

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The pair married in 2003 ~ above the campus of Pepperdine university in Malibu, California. And also while Annie banks balked at she father"s pointer of a casual wedding reception at home, Kimberly and Brad"s real-life wedding reception was a laid-back affair, according to IMDB.


Brad Paisley and also Kimberly Williams in 2003.
SGranitzGetty Images
The couple has to be married because that 15 year now and also shares two children, sons william "Huck" Huckleberry, 11, and also Jasper Warren, 9, together. In 2015, castle renewed your vows in what Kimberly referred to as a "really campy" ceremony at a friend"s house.

"We both have really healthy senses that humor. Anything i take myself too seriously on, she will certainly gladly cut me under to size on and destroy all pre-conceived notions that I"m cool in any way," Brad said The Boot.

Brad has actually put that very same sense of feeling to an excellent use hosting the nation Music combination Awards for the past 11 years, and his wife generally accompanies him on the red carpet. The support is mutual: in ~ the premiere the Kimberly"s brand-new Netflix Christmas movie, The Christmas Chronicles, her nation star husband to be there snapping selfies and also posting how proud he to be on Instagram. He does the same for her plenty of Hallmark movie projects.


Kimberly Wiliams-Paisley and Brad Paisley in ~ the Nashville Comedy Festival in April 2018.
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Brad and also Kimberly are recognized for their philanthropic efforts as well. Last month, they announced plan to open up a grocery keep for people in require where whatever is free.

In enhancement to humor, the pair has credited counseling for their long-lasting union. Meanwhile, Brad has their marital relationship to say thanks to for music material.

"I have more to write about now," Brad claimed in the Good Housekeeping interview. "Before, I had actually nothing come write around but failed relationships and life top top the road. Now, ns feel emotions much more deeply in every sense. Once you feeling that sort of love ... It even makes for better songs."

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