America"s favorite magician is tho entertaining audience at 61, but he"s most renowned for his live TV specials indigenous the 1980s, wherein he pulled off some seriously outstanding slight of hand before our an extremely eyes. He has actually walked with the good Wall the China, escaped indigenous Alcatraz prison, and even made a Learjet vanish on live TV.

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The screen is increased in front of the statue.SuperAmazingMagic

To pull turn off the trick, Copperfield raised a giant screen in former of the statue. Once he reduce it, the statue was gone, and a helicopter camera crew showed spotlights passing with the vanished statue. Copperfield likewise used some special equipment to convince united state he wasn"t faking.

After the statue has actually vanished.SuperAmazingMagic

Special cameras consisted of in locked boxes photographed the vanishing act, and a radar screen next to Copperfield proved the frosting disappearing during the trick. The magician also promised there were no "camera tricks" connected in the stunt.

Watch the trick and also see if you deserve to tell exactly how Copperfield did it...

Can you tell exactly how the cheat work? We have actually the explanation....

So just how did he do the frostbite disappear? the didn"t. In reality the frostbite is hiding in level sight.

Believe the or not, the frostbite is best here.Super amazing Magic

When the paper lifts up, the frosting is concealed behind one of the towers holding the up. When the sheet drops, the frosting is covert from view, and also the bright lights median that even the live audience can"t check out it behind the tower.

These lights room not approximately the lacking statue, they"re top top a separate platform.Super amazing Magic

To finish the illusion, the lamp on Liberty Island space turned off, and a separate platform with matching lights is turn on. This is what the helicopter camera shows when the statue has "vanished."

So just how does Copperfield relocate the statue? He in reality moves the audience instead. When the paper is lifted, the phase Copperfield and also the audience are standing on move to the right, prevent the statue native view. The loud music playing on phase covers increase the noise and also vibration that the moving stage.

Watch the glare ~ above the phony radar display when the paper is lifted, that moves together the stage turns.Super amazing Magic

But what around the cameras and also the radar screen? Of food they were just rigged props set up to aid create the illusion. You deserve to actually check out a stage light showing on the radar screen, mirroring the set moving in genuine time.

It appears so simple once the trick has been explained, yet everyone to be fooled in 1983. "I have actually never watched a Statue of Liberty disappear favor this one did," one audience member said during the special.

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