For anyone visiting mountain Diego, the an initial question is simple: do you want to stay downtown close to the stadion or in a vacation rental close to the beach? over there are certainly pros come both, and also cons come neither. It"s a great benefit to have the ability to walk to the baseball game and also everything nearby. But it"s likewise a tragedy come come every the means to san Diego and stop simply a few miles short of the beach. Ideal Places come Stay close to The Padres Ballpark When in search of hotel rooms close to Petco Park, girlfriend aren"t going to execute much much better than the Omni Hotel. Its beautiful, tall, and also luxuriously appointed and it"s right next to Petco Park. The rooms are huge and contemporary and it is a favorite of tourists to mountain Diego, baseball fans or not. How close is the Omni? well you could absolutely call the walking disance... The 511-unit hotel has its own entrance come the ballpark—it"s attached come the stadium, associated by a suspension skies bridge. Mountain Diego Padres owner man Moores is just one of the hotel owners. Our Picks: The ideal hotels around Petco Park every one of these many hotels are located within a wild key of homeplate: good location with a rooftop bar the overlooks into the stadium- San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hilton many hotels closest to the ballpark: Hilton mountain Diego Gaslamp Quarter and Hilton san Diego Bayfront Romantic and also stylish boutique hotel - Hotel Solamar, A Kilmpton Hotel Charming, comfortable hotel with character - Horton cool Hotel A favorite. An excellent reviews, friendly boutique hotel. Pet-friendly and also environmentially mindful with some views of Petco Park - Hotel Indigo san Diego Starwood hotels for wanted guests (SPG points) closest to ballpark - U.S. Grant and Westin Gaslamp did you recognize there otis a Hard rock Hotel in san Diego? It"s in the Gaslamp district, walking street to Petco Park. Cheap hotels near Petco No one will think you"re cheap for choosing the many inexpensive accommodations. Baseball games expense a most money. Remaining at one affordable hotel will complimentary your money to be invested where the matters... At the ballpark! Cheapest hotel close to Petco Park. Safe, clean, simple, and cheap. A an excellent value - Comfort Inn Gaslamp - finest rate! If girlfriend don"t mind no being right next to the ballpark and want to save money, you"ll discover the cheapest discount accomodations if you remain a tiny further away, just exterior downtown. Us recommend staying about the Old Town and also Mission sink / Hotel circle neighborhoods whereby there are restaurants, shopping and also plenty that affordable hotels. to update 2021. Us hope you gain your remain in sunny mountain Diego. Walk Padres!

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