As benidormclubdeportivo.orgs, us often emphasis on the good stuff. S&W. Colt. Ruger. We might frown upon various other “lesser” provides of wheelguns (and ns won’t cite them by name). Yet there is a make and model the revolver that is often overlooked because it no made by the big three.

An web search that YouTube or Google will revolve up lots of civilization who swear this .22 is the neatest and most precise revolver they’ve ever owned. .22s are an excellent trail guns and also excellent for training since you deserve to shoot a totality lot the rounds because that very little expense.

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I walked into my local range/gunshop three years earlier and this little snub sleep .22 to be on their used gun shelf. I’ve want one similar to this for over 30 years and I to be amazed to see it relaxing there, staring back at me. It to be nickel plated v white birdshead grips, a really striking variation of High Standard’s Sentinel.

The Sentinel is a high top quality revolver v a 9-shot capacity in .22 LR. The only screw supplied in the Sentinel is the one securing the grips at the an extremely bottom that the gun.

The sights are huge and easy to see, unusual for snub sleep revolvers from ago in the 1960s and also 70s. It’s a 9-shot .22 lengthy rifle and also it’s overbuilt favor a bank vault door. I asked to take it a look in ~ it and found the tiny lightweight to have actually a chop lock up and also perfect action. It was unfired yet had no box or papers. It’s a double or solitary action with a instance hardened trigger and hammer. No screws were supplied to construct it, instead it’s held together with only pins. This is important a feat of engineering.

This design R-103 drops in the center of production from the R-101 come the critical R-108.

It turned the end to it is in a version R-103 (the first was the R-101 and the last to be the R-108), design by harry H. Sefried II. He functioned with “Carbine” Williams in ~ Winchester and then at High standard where he designed the Supermatic Citation and the Olympic pistols and also this Sentinel revolver. He to be then the Chief technician at Sturm, Ruger & firm from 1959 come 1979. Sefried had actually a major part in creating the Ruger .44 Magnum carbine, the Security-Six, the Redhawk, the Old Army, the Hawkeye and also the note II pistol. He likewise designed the rotary 10-shot magazine used in the Ruger 10/22. That’s a super impressive design resume!

Nine shots fired solitary action at 21 feet. Great accuracy for a 2” snubby.

These aluminum framework High typical revolvers have actually steel barrels and cylinders and also are very well made. They to be made appropriate alongside the especially high quality and treasured Hi-Standard (the company’s surname switches between High and Hi depending upon which literature you read and also what the firm printed on their gun boxes over the years) .22 semi-auto target pistols. The tight fits the human being hand very well, unlike most manufacturing facility S&W and Colt grips. Skeeter Skelton once said in print that High typical really gained the grip ideal on their Sentinel revolvers and also I think he was right! there is no require for a tight filler adaptor through these handy tiny snubbies.

The swirls in the white plastic one-piece grips are visually pleasing.

This dimunitive Sentinel shot good groups at the range in both single and double action. I also loaded two shotshells, adhered to up by seven hollow points and fired them on a snake target. I’ve discovered my can be fried .22 caliber “woods” gun!

Two shots that CCI shotshells disperses the pellets in a tight, snake killing pattern.

This small 9-shot is really fun to shoot v virtually no recoil. The cylinder opens to the left like many swing the end revolvers. However, over there is no latch on the framework to release it. Instead, the cylinder’s ejector stick head (a carefully knurled piece, again the high quality of workmanship here is outstanding) is merely pulled front by the thumb and also forefinger of her left hand and the cylinder opens with a slight push from her middle and also ring fingers. The fast and easy. You’re really not acquiring your hand in prior of the muzzle, it continues to be underneath to traction the ejector rod. Plus, the gun need to only have actually spent casings in ~ this suggest and your finger need to be off the trigger and also it’s a dual action trigger too.

Knurled cylinder ejector rod is pulled forward to open up the swing the end cylinder because that loading and also unloading.

The price was $279 ~ above the tag and also I speak the shop down to $250. I don’t think I can find another brand .22 revolver for the price, allow alone a 50+ year old, mint condition revolver through this lot pizzaz.

The challenge of the cylinder and internals display that this gun remained unfired because that it’s very first 50 or so years. Author readjusted that best quick.

You need to hold among these in your hand come truly evaluate the natural “point-ability” and ergonomics of the grip. The 4″ and 6″ versions had actually square butt grips instead of this version’s bird head ring butt. The white plastic tight is one piece and also slides ~ above the structure from the bottom wherein it is secured by a single screw (the only screw used!) like a Hogue or Ruger GP100 tight peg. There space swishes the crème fancy lines in the plastic that provide it a pleasant and natural looking appearance, along with excellent checkering collection off through a large diamond in the center of the pattern.

Hi standard or High Standard? It seemed to always be transforming like castle couldn’t comprise their minds.

Blued Sentinels have a little of a mismatched feather finish due to the comparison of the blue shade on the aluminum frame and the blue on the stole cylinder and barrel. However the nickel plate guns cover every that with a fine reflective finish. The sculpture of the model “Sentinel” and the address on the barrel is perfectly well done and also the make and model number looks good on the frame too.

Snubby 2” barrel is steel prefer the cylinder. Structure is aluminum for light weight.

It’s exciting to keep in mind that the cylinder has actually a relief because that the firing pen if the total is dried fired. Many .22 caliber revolvers would certainly peen your hammer-mounted firing pins if lock were dry fired. This Sentinal supplies the design benefit of dried firing without fearing of destroying the shoot pin. One more nifty idea indigenous Mr. Sefried II, he yes, really knew what he was doing.

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Notice the cutouts because that each cylinder chamber so the hammer’s shooting pin deserve to safely drop when dry firing for this reason as not to cause damage.

These firearms were available by High Standard through 2”, 4”, and also 6” barrels in blue and nickel and also with miscellaneous grips (black, brown, or white) and also wood grips. They were chambered in .22lr and also .22 Magnum. Over there is also a .357 Magnum variation too. If you’re a in search of a woods bring .22, if you have actually snake or various other pest nuisances, or if you as with inexpensive yet high quality guns that most other human being don’t recognize about, a High traditional Sentinel can be just right for you! price on Gunbroker room much much less than purchase a new Ruger LCR .22 and also you only obtain eight shots v the little Ruger. And none that the pizzaz the comes v this practiced old High Standard!