sunlight is the many important source for life on planet which gives sunlight and also heat top top Earth. However I to be wondering like how does the warmth of sun come on planet when there is no tool out there in space?

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You probably are under the misconception that warmth travels just via molecule interactions. (i.e, heat transfer by conduction, which needs a tool of sorts). Heat also transfers through radiation, which the sun is one enormous source of. Electromagnetic radiation go not require a "medium" to take trip through. All varieties of electromagnetic radiation lug energy, which can be transferred to other bodies once this radiation interacts with them. The constant stream the photons from the sunlight is what move its "heat" come us.


The warmth "comes" together electromagnetic radiation, the is light. Light from the sun is electromagnetic radiation, that is a wave having actually energy and momentum or a very large amount of quantum particles, photons, that have actually energy and also momentum. The interaction of this electromagnetic communication is what heats the earth.

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The warm from Sun, come in the form of radiation. To be specific, the infrared part of the EM irradiate is responsible for heating. Infrared frequency is closest come the resonant frequency of most molecules. Thus, as soon as these molecules absorb the infrared radiation i.e. The molecules" electron clouds oscillate in ~ the infrared frequency, there"s resonance, which causes the vibration amplitudes to increase appreciably, bring about generation the heat.Note that i assume the you know that Electromagnetic tide (EM Waves) perform not need a medium to travel.


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