Completely, thoroughly, as in They fell head end heels in love. This expression originated in the 1300s as heels end head and meant literally gift upside down. It take it its present type in the 1700s and also its present definition in the 1800s.

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head of state, head the the river, head-on, head or tail, head out, head end heels, headphone, headphones, headpiece, headpin, headquarter

Head over heels is a figurative phrase that means totally or completely.

Head end heels is nearly always used to describe feelings the passionate love, as in Romeo was head end heels in love v Juliet. The phrase is commonly used in the creates like “to be head end heels in love with” and also “to loss head over heels for.”

Head over heels is additionally used to mean somebody really likes or is obsessed v something or someone, as in The team owner fell head over heels for the promise young athlete and demanded the team breeze them. 

Example: Jack dropped head over heels in love with Rose and wanted to invest every minute of the day with her. 

The very first records of head end heels come from approximately 1710. The expression comes from the earlier heels end head, i m sorry was offered to describe someone being literally upside down. Head over heels got its figurative meaning in the 1800s.

Head over heels is supplied to describe someone who is fully enamored with another person. If you are head over heels in love with someone, you can’t get the other human out of your mind. Friend are fully focused ~ above them. The expression is regularly used in music, art, Valentine’s job cards, and other an imaginative works around love.

Head end heels is also commonly supplied in metaphors or wordplay that is explicate someone as being captivated by or fixated on miscellaneous or someone.

What room some synonyms for head over heels?

What room some words that share a root or word aspect with head over heels

What are some native that frequently get offered in stating head over heels?

Head end heels is used to to express to people who are literally or figurative in love with someone or something.

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Seeing civilization head over heels in love honestly makes me therefore happy to see☺️

— Kelsey (
thekelseyowens) February 6, 2018

I have fallen head end heels in love v Lena Headey … Everything around her! #womancrush

— Kaya Scodelario (
kScodders) respectable 9, 2013

Walking today, I came upon a street i didn't know and also fell head over heels in love with it. A magical suffer that every urbanist knows.

— fall Florek (

Which the the adhering to words is a synonym for head end heels?