Whoso findeth a wife findeth a great thing,and obtaineth favour the the LORD” (Proverbs 18:22).

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 There room godly preordained blessings and also reasons regarding why this scripture does not say, “Whoso findeth a ‘single woman’ to make her a wife…”. Nor a ‘divorced’ woman, ‘widowed’, woman, or ‘woman whose to be married an ext than once’, so on and also so on.

Because of a gross misinterpretation that this every too acquainted scripture, therefore many single women are still waiting year after ~ year to be found, so plenty of married ladies think the they are currently a “good thing” based solely on the truth that they room married, and so plenty of divorced women have “disqualified” us from ever before again being a “good thing” to it is in found.

Also, due to the fact that of numerous passed down spiritual teachings and also traditional reasoning that many think that it is after ~ the man marries the woman the he provides her a wife. In the eye of God, nothing could be more from the truth. A male may “take” a mrs to be his wife, however it is GOD that “makes” a mrs a wife. Semantics? No! stop look at another really familiar scripture.

And the lord God said, the is not good that the guy should be alone; I will certainly make him an help meet because that him” (Genesis 2:18),

It to be the lord GOD who claimed that it was not an excellent that the male should be alone. And it was the lord GOD that came up with the equipment for this problem. He said, “I will certainly make that an assist meet for him”. As soon as God produced the woman, He produced her to be a “help meet” for the man. Notice that he created “the woman” to it is in a “help meet”! A single woman is a “woman”. A married woman is still a “woman”. For this reason is a woman who has actually been married much more than once, tho a “woman”. The divorced woman is quiet a “woman”, and so is a widow quiet a “woman”.

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God did no limit the blessing of gift a “help meet” or a “good thing” to only the single woman or a married woman. In His magnificent knowledge, God knew that there would certainly be single, married, divorced, widowed women, and women in a state of marital relationship separation. God is Smart! that knew right from the start that there would certainly be different types of marital status amongst His daughters to come. Action 10:34 tells us that the is no respecter of people (which also means not gift prejudice around their marital status). So, exactly how did He do it therefore that any kind of of this women have the right to enjoy the blessing of God to be a “good thing” nevertheless of their marital status? The answer is “the blessing” the He imparted in the woman at the time that the made her a good thing!

The power of God because that a mrs to it is in a “good thing” is not in the reality that she IS a woman. The is the power of God IN the woman, in every woman, that makes her “blessed” to it is in a “good thing”. This blessing to it is in a “good thing” is as lot in the love of the married, the divorced, and widowed woman together it is in the single woman. Yet it is not automatic! gift a woman does no “automatically” do you a “good thing”. Why? due to the fact that God additionally gave every woman the “will” and also “right” to do a choice as to whether or no she desires to it is in a “good thing” come someone. God has empowered her v the “will” and also the “blessing” to it is in a “good thing” once “she” renders that decision.

Even better, as soon as the mrs decides the she will certainly be a “wife”, “help meet”, and “good thing” in company to GOD first, then, in ministry come the man who is (or is come be) her husband. That is when she is really and also truly the sort of “WIFE” that is divinely worthy to be found!