Sons the Anarchy star Johnny Lewis played Kip “Half-Sack” Epps ~ above the FX series during the an initial two seasons. When the collection began, Half-Sack was a prospective member of the titular motorcycle gang. Through season 2, he was a full-fledged member.

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But the character was easily killed turn off — at Lewis’ request. Here is a look inside the catastrophic life and also death the Johnny Lewis.


‘Sons that Anarchy’ star Johnny Lewis | Charles Leonio/Getty Images

How did ‘Half-Sack’ acquire his nickname ~ above ‘Sons that Anarchy’?

Fans an initial met Kip Epps during season 1, and it to be revealed he got the nickname “Half-Sack” after he lost a testicle while offer in Iraq. Kip was passionate to join SOA, and as a prospective member the was regularly doing grunt work and also other menial tasks.

At the same time, he would additionally take component in the gang’s illegal activities. Favor stealing one ambulance and taking bodies from the morgue. But Half-Sack’s time ~ above the show was an extremely short. He came to be the very first main character killed off Sons the Anarchy.

Johnny Lewis asked come be created out the the show

By season 2, Half-Sack to be a true member the the Sons that Anarchy. But, the wasn’t long prior to they killed the character turn off the show. It all went under in the season 2 finale as soon as Half-Sack to be returning come Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) home.

Cameron Hayes – a member of the IRA, a paramilitary organization – followed him and also threatened to death Jax’s son Abel. To defend the tiny child, Half-Sack struck Hayes. However Hayes finished up stabbing and also killing him.

This storyline was the an outcome of a inquiry from Lewis. Follow to Looper, he asked to be composed out of the show due to the fact that he didn’t want to be linked with the gratuitous violence the he thought Sons that Anarchy portrayed.

The years after ‘Sons the Anarchy’ were not kind to Johnny Lewis

Two year after walking far from Sons that Anarchy, Lewis was associated in a bad motorcycle crash. Doctors said that he didn’t endure a concussion. But, the actor’s family and also friends started noticing odd alters in his behavior.

Sons the Anarchy's Johnny Lewis Cremated, hidden at Sea

— E! News (
enews) October 10, 2012

The accident led to Lewis come spiral. The started gaining in trouble with the law, with police arresting the a number of times. One arrest to be for burglary and assault through a fatal weapon. The was likewise put top top a psychiatric hold and also placed in rehab. Over there was even a self-destruction attempt.

Johnny Lewis had mental wellness issues and a drug problem.

According come Lewis’ lawyer, he was experiencing from serious mental health worries in the year after the left Sons of Anarchy. It also appears the he had actually a drug problem.

suffers from some type of chemistry dependency, mental wellness issue and a lack of permanent housing,” one of Lewis’ probation reports reads. “Given this, will continue to be a danger to any community he might reside.”

On September 26, 2012, police responded to a 911 call about a mrs screaming. When officers arrived, witnesses called them that Lewis had just battled with 2 men. The Sons of Anarchy star was lying dead in the driveway.

The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star died at the age of 26

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 26-year-old Lewis had attacked his neighbors before he fell to his fatality from the peak of a building. However the story doesn’t finish there.

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When police went within the residence, they discovered the human body of Lewis’ 81-year-old landlady, Catherine Davis. She had been beaten come death, and the police thought Lewis to be to blame. The upstairs that the structure had been ripped apart, and police uncovered the human body of a cat that had actually been win death.

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In response to the news that Lewis’ tragic death, Sons of Anarchy creator cut Sutter tweeted, “It to be a tragic end for really talented guy, that unfortunately had actually lost his way. I wish I could say that ns was shocked through the occasions last night, yet I was not. Ns am deep sorry that an innocent life had actually to be thrown into his devastating path.”