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epididyme, either of a pair that elongated crescent-shaped frameworks attached to each of the 2 male reproductive organs, the testes (see testis). Sperm cells developed in the testes room transported to the epididymes, whereby they mature and also are stored. Each epididymis has three regions, called, respectively, the head, body, and tail. The head is the uppermost and also largest part of the epididymis; that lies ~ above the peak surface that the testis. The human body is attached come the anal next of the testis and extends the size of the gland. The smallest region is the tail, which starts at the point of separation that the epididymis native the testis. Sperm cells mature mainly in the head and also body the the epididymis and are save on computer in the tail.

The epididymis receives sperm indigenous the tubules in the mediastinum testis, the region in the testis in which every its sperm-producing tubules converge and empty. Leading from the mediastinum come the head of the epididymis are 15–20 small, tightly coiled ducts referred to as the ductuli efferentes. The cell lining the ductuli have actually pigment granules, secretory granules, and also cilia (hairlike structures). In the head an ar of the epididymis, every the ductuli efferentes attach to one large vessel, the ductus epididymidis. This duct is additionally extremely coiled, being about 4 come 5 m (13 come 16 feet) lengthy when extended out. The ductus epididymidis extends through both the body and also the tail region of the epididymis. In the tail region it i do not care thicker, much less coiled, and larger in diameter. As it emerges from the end of the epididymis, that straightens the end to kind the ductus deferens.

The epididymis, ductus deferens (or vas deferens), and ejaculatory ducts form the sperm canal. With each other they extend from the testis come the...

During ejaculation, sperm are pushed through the ductuli efferentes and ductus epididymidis in 2 ways. First, the muscle tissue, by contracting, narrows the ducts, propelling the sperm. Second, the cilia situated in the ductuli efferentes can propel sperm through their consistent swaying motions. Together sperm pass through the miscellaneous ducts, they acquire small amounts that fluids that aid to save them alive. This secretions include high concentrations of potassium, sodium, and also a substance well-known as glycerylphosphorylcholine, which is one energy resource for sperm.

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