T/F: The best risk aspect for the advancement of skin cancer is extreme exposure come ultraviolet radiation native sunlight.

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TrueThe solitary most vital risk element for skin cancer is overexposure come the UV radiation in sunlight. UV radiation damages DNA bases and also appears to disable tumor suppressor genes, resulting in the formation of cancerous cells. Over there is no such thing as a "healthy tan."
Transformed cells within labeling layer C (spinosum) give rise come which kind of cabinet cancer? squamous cell carcinoma basal cell carcinoma melanoma sarcoma
squamous cell carcinomaAbnormally farming cells within the stratum spinosum result in squamous cell carcinoma. Keep in mind that the spinosum is the an ar of keratinocyte "flattening," hence the hatchet squamous cell.
Structure B is a pacinian corpuscle, among several structural and also functional species of cutaneous sensory receptors.
Which that the adhering to is not a great of the epidermis? stratum granulosum stratum illusion stratum corneum stratum basale
stratum reticulumThere isn"t a stratum reticulum. The epidermis of thick skin is composed of 5 layers. Indigenous deep come superficial, these layers room stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum. (Study tip: shot the mnemonic BSGLC--Betty"s Skin Glows choose Candles) Note: slim skin lacks the stratum lucidum; thus, it is composed of just the four major layers.
Which the the adhering to statements is INCORRECT? Keratinocytes create a fibrous protein to defend the epidermis. Tactile cell anchor the skin to the body. Langerhans cell activate the immune system. Melanin provides protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Tactile cell anchor the skin come the body.This is the untrue statement. Tactile cells, in conjunction with their sensory nerve endings, role as touch receptors. The hypodermis, not tactile cells anchors skin to the body.
Which is the many common type of skin cancer? melanoma adenoma basal cabinet carcinoma squamous cabinet carcinoma
basal cell carcinomaBasal cabinet carcinoma is the least malignant and also most common skin cancer, bookkeeping for virtually 80% of all skin cancers. The cancer lesions appear most often in sunlight exposed locations of the face.
Which that the following represents a difference in between eccrine sweat glands and apocrine sweat glands? Eccrine sweat glands start to duty at puberty, when apocrine sweat glands duty throughout life. Eccrine sweat glands are situated deeper in the dermis 보다 apocrine sweat glands. The secretions the apocrine sweat glands contain an ext fat and also protein than do the secretions of eccrine sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands use exocytosis to make secretions, when apocrine sweat glands perform not.
The secretions that apocrine sweat glands contain much more fat and protein than carry out the secretions of eccrine sweat glands.Compared come the watery secretions of eccrine glands, apocrine sweat glands have actually secretions that room enriched through fats and proteins.
TrueMelanin absorbs and dissipates the harmful UV rays that can damages the DNA that viable skin cells.
T/F: In the existence of sunlight, amendment cholesterol is converted into Vitamin D precursors in the skin.
TrueThe skin is a "chemical factory", transferring out a selection of chemistry reactions. An example is the synthesis of a vitamin D precursor (cholecalciferol) in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight.
Which layer(s) of the skin is(are) damaged in a second-degree burn? The epidermis and also the superficial region of the dermis room damaged. Every layers of the epidermis and also dermis are damaged. Just the epidermis is damaged. Only the dermis is damaged.
The epidermis and also the superficial an ar of the dermis room damaged.Second-degree burns result in damages to the epidermis and also the superficial region of the dermis.
DCells migrate upwards v the epidermis ~ being produced by mitosis in the stratum basale.
ceruminous glandsCeruminous glands are modified apocrine sweat glands uncovered in the lining of the outside ear canal. Your secretion mixes v sebum produced by adjacent sebaceous glands to kind a sticky, bitter substance dubbed cerumen, or earwax, i beg your pardon is believed to deter insects and also block entry of international material.
A cancerous development on the skin will most likely exhibit ________. A size smaller than 6 mm asymmetry regular borders uniform coloration
asymmetryCancerous growth exhibit asymmetry. Benign growths exhibit symmetry, continual borders, uniform coloration, and also they space usually much less than 6 mm in diameter.
FalseThe primary component that hair and also nails is hard keratin (not calcium), developed by keratinocytes.
TrueSweat glands secrete water (sweat) top top the surface of skin, which gets rid of body heat as that evaporates. Through dilating cutaneous blood vessels, blood circulation to the skin is increased, i beg your pardon increases warmth loss. By constricting blood vessels in the skin, the body decreases blood circulation to the skin and thereby lowers warm loss.
The skin is composed of two key regions. From deep to superficial they space the ________. Dermis and epidermis epidermis and also dermis hypodermis and dermis hypodermis and epidermis
dermis and also epidermisThe skin is written of two distinct regions, the (superficial) epidermis and the (deep) underlying dermis. Strict speaking, the hypodermis is not component of the skin, however shares several of its security functions.
dermisAlthough class B and C deserve to be distinguished based on their structural components, they form a continuous layer of the skin termed the dermis.
Sam is so cold that he has "goose bumps." What causes goose bumps? arrector chili muscles pulling hair follicles into an upright place skin folds in the reticular class of the dermis hypodermal task skin folds at the papillary an ar of the dermis
arrector chili muscles pulling hair follicles right into an upright positionMost hair follicles strategy the skin surface at a slim angle. The arrector chili muscle is attached come the follicle in together a way that that contraction pulls the follicle into an upright position and also dimples the skin surface, developing goose bump in response to cold exterior temperature or fear.
Sweat is secreted through ________. Mammary glands ceruminous glands sudoriferous glands sebaceous glands
sudoriferous glandsSudoriferous glands, which incorporate eccrine and apocrine sweat glands, develop sweat.
Which the the adhering to is a metabolic duty of skin? body temperature regulation synthetic of a vitamin D precursor remove of nitrogenous wastes cutaneous sensation
synthesis of a vitamin D precursorYes, this is a duty of the skin lugged out by chemical reactions in the skin. Once sunlight bombards the skin, amendment cholesterol molecules space converted to a vitamin D precursor (called cholecalciferol), which is transported via the blood come the liver and kidneys whereby it is converted into a hormone called calcitriol, or energetic vitamin D.
Which structures of the dermis give rise come friction ridges (fingerprints)? epidermal ridges flexure present dermal papillae dermal ridges
dermal ridgesDermal ridges reason the overlying epidermis to type epidermal ridges. Jointly these ridges are referred to as friction ridges.
Which the the following best explains the truth that eyebrows do not flourish as lengthy as the hair on the head? The hair follicles that the eyebrows space not responsive come androgens; hair follicles in the scalp room responsive come androgens. The hair follicles the the eyebrows do not have actually a hair matrix; the hair follicles in the scalp do have a hair matrix. The hair follicles the the eyebrows exhibit a resting phase, however the hair follicles in the scalp do not. The hair follicles the the eyebrows are active for only a couple of months before becoming inactive; the hair follicles in the scalp are energetic for year before becoming inactive. The hair that the eyebrows does not have a cuticle, yet the hair top top the head does have a cuticle.
The hair follicles that the eyebrows are active for just a few months before becoming inactive; the hair follicles in the scalp are active for years before ending up being inactive.The hair follicles in the scalp remain energetic for as much as ten years, when those that the eyebrow space only energetic for up to 4 months, before coming to be inactive.
The hypodermis is distinguished by an abundance of ______. Keratinocytes hair follicles sensory receptor fat cells
Which the the following does NOT protect the skin native bacteria? dermcidin the temperature the the skin cathelicidins the short pH that the skin defensins
the temperature of the skinThe temperature of the skin go not defend the skin versus bacteria. In fact, the temperature that the skin is appropriate for many species of bacteria.
Which stratum of the epidermis is responsible because that regenerating the more superficial layers? stratum basale stratum granulosum stratum corneum stratum spinosum
stratum basaleThe stratum basale is the deepest class of the epidermis and consists that one class of actively mitotic stem cells. Few of the newly created cells become part of (regenerate) the more superficial layers: spinosum, granulosum, and also corneum.
The many dangerous type of skin cancer is ________. Melanoma basal cell carcinoma squamous cabinet carcinoma every one of these skin cancers room equally dangerous
melanomaMelanoma, cancer that melanocytes, is the many dangerous skin cancer because it is highly metastatic and also resistant to chemotherapy. These cancers show up spontaneously, and around one-third build from preexisting moles.
Sebum does no ________. Sluggish water loss indigenous the skin during low humidity problems protect the skin indigenous bacteria lubricate the skin protect the skin native the damaging effects of UV radiation
protect the skin indigenous the damaging impacts of UV radiationThis is false; that is melanin (not sebum) the protects the skin from the damaging impacts of UV radiation. Sebum serves together a lubricant, an antibacterial agent, and also protects versus water lose in low humidity conditions.
The ________ is a thin translucent band found only in thick skin. Stratum spinosum stratum granulosum stratum lucidum stratum basale
stratum lucidumThe stratum lucidum, or clean layer, visible just in special skin, is a thin, translucent band uncovered just over the stratum granulosum.
What is the function of the hair matrix? The hair matrix produces hair. The hair procession serves together an anchor because that the hair shaft. The hair matrix serves together a sensory receptor. The hair matrix allows hair to "stand-on-end" or end up being erect.

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The hair procession produces hair.The hair matrix is the actively dividing area of the hair bulb the produces hair.


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