The Presidential Dollar series has created a number of unique error types. Plenty of of these are the direct result of problems applying the leaf lettering come the coins. The Mint uses a one-of-a-kind two action minting process that leaves plenty the room for error.

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This web page will discover some that the error coins that have arisen that are unique to the Presidential dollar series.

Edge Lettering Inscriptions

The Edge engravings on Presidential Dollars save the date, mint mark, the motto “E Pluribus Unum,” and the motto “In God we Trust.” After some public controversy, the latter motto was relocated to the obverse the the coin beginning in 2009, however the remaining aspects remained ~ above the leaf of the coins.

The minting procedure for Presidential Dollars struck because that circulation wake up in 2 steps. In the first step, blanks are fed right into a coining machine. This maker strikes both political parties of the coin and dispenses them right into a big bin. Next, coins from the bin room fed into an edge-incusing machine, i beg your pardon produces the sheet inscriptions. Find much more information top top Presidential Dollar sheet Lettering.

Upside down Lettering

As a result of the minting procedure described above, sheet lettering wake up without regards come the heads-tails orientation of the coin. Together such, so-called upside down lettering is not an error. Statistically 50% that Presidential Dollars should have actually edge lettering heads-side up and 50% should have actually edge lettering tails next up. Third party grading business PCGS designates sheet lettering as “Position A” or “Position B”. Some collectors will look for one example for each position.

Proof coins room struck utilizing a different procedure than non-proof strikes. The edge lettering is actually applied when each coin is to win by making use of a three piece collar. Together a result, the leaf lettering on proof coins should constantly appear heads-side up and also in the same place on the circumference of the coin. Evidence Presidential dollar coins v upside down lettering would certainly be thought about errors.

Missing sheet Lettering

One the the very first new error species to surface for the Presidential Dollar collection was the “Missing sheet Lettering” Error Coin (Buy top top eBay). This are also sometimes described as “Smooth sheet Dollars.”

This error occurs as soon as coins execute not with the second step that the two action minting process. You will certainly recall that the first step strikes the obverse and reverse draft of the coin and also the second stage produces the leaf lettering.

The error is most commonly found ~ above George Washington Presidential Dollars. An estimated 100,000 to 200,000 to be released right into circulation. The error emerged less commonly on man Adams Dollars. For the following following problems the error came to be even less usual as the us Mint modified their manufacturing procedures.

Doubled Lettering Presidential Dollars

Another at an early stage error discovery was the “Doubled edge Lettering” Error Coin (Buy top top eBay). This error may likewise occur with “Inverted double Edge Lettering.”

This error occurs when coins go through the second step of the minting process twice. As a result, the coins will display screen two set of edge lettering, or double edge lettering. If the coin goes v the edge-incusing device heads-side up and also then tails-side up, the two sets of lettering would occur in two directions, or inverted.

This error is much more commonly discovered on man Adams Presidential Dollars and less frequently on George Washington Presidential Dollars.

Lettered blank Planchet

A final brand-new error kind began to surface in 2007. This error is the lettered blank planchet.

This kind of error occurs as soon as a blank is no struck in the an initial step that the minting process, but goes with the edge-incusing maker in the 2nd step. This will an outcome in blank planchets through lettered edges.

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The errors have actually surfaced sporadically since the beginning of the Presidential Dollar collection in 2007. Therefore far, this appears to it is in the scarcest and most an important of the new Presidential dissension Error Types.