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In this list, we’ve gathered every solitary vegetable we can find that starts v J. On top of reflecting you vegetables that begin with J, we’ll tell girlfriend a tiny bit around each one. Keep analysis to find out much more about these veggies…

1. Jalapeno


If she looking to add some warm to her food, jalapenos are terrific introduction come spice. These modestly hot peppers space used generally in mexico cuisine.

2. Jerusalem Artichoke


Jerusalem artichoke plants prosper cheery-looking flowers that resemble sunflowers. Nothing let the name mislead you, though; these plants were in reality grown by indigenous Americans as food first. The tubers room the component of the plant that gets consumed traditionally.

3. Jicama


Jicama, also called the mexican yam bean, tastes a lot favor apple. If you’ve never heard of that before, you’ll most likely pronounce that wrong. Like the “j” in jalapeno, you say the beginning with one “h” sound instead so that it sounds prefer you’re saying “hick-uh-mah.”


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