Calling map Information
Connection Fee0.00¢
Disconnection fees 0.00¢
Maintenance Fee0.69¢ Weekly
Rounding3 minutes
Service fee 28%
Payphone Surcharge0.90¢
Other Fees/Discounts
Card Expiration3 months
Access NumbersToll Free

Phone map Information

Minutes advertised are based on the use of the whole card in one call.

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Customer organization Number1-800-470-1983
Access Number


Local Area AccessEnglish:617-861-4400
Does This Card work-related From:Alaska:NoHawaii:NoCanada:NoInternational cellular PhonesTypically, phone call to worldwide cellular phones room billed at a different rate every minute than to a landline. You re welcome verify every rates prior to making her purchase.Additional Information

Disclaimer: Fees and Terms: The maximum rate per residential minute is $0.05 because that calls in ~ the contiguous U.S. Only. Contact time is deducted in 1-minute increments, uneven no connection is made. Every partial minutes space rounded up to the next entirety minute. An additional three minutes will be deducted at the finish of each speak to longer than one minute. Service fee that 28% will certainly be added to the full charges top top every call. A short article call fee of $0.49 will apply per call. Once using one 800-Access number from a salary phone, a $0.99 per speak to surcharge will apply. A weekly fees of $0.69 will certainly be fee the job after the first use the the card and every seven days thereafter. Calls inserted to cell phone telephones will certainly be billed in ~ a higher rate. Application of surcharges and fees will have actually the result of reducing complete minutes obtainable if not offered on a solitary call. Minutes advertised top top posters or announced once you make a call are based on using the whole card in a single non-pay phone call using a local accessibility number. Rates: Rates, fees and charges space subject to adjust without notice. Poster prices are introductory and may have actually expired before purchase or use of card. Expiration Date: map expires top top the previously of the declared expiration day or 90 work after first use. Refund: Cards are not returnable or exchangeable and also have no cash redemption value. Customer Service: For present rates, fees or other questions, contact Customer Service, which is obtainable at 1-888-784-8750 with live operators 24-hours a day. The person who lives Rights: If a conflict arises customer has the appropriate to contact the State utility Commission in the state wherein the map was purchased. STi Prepaid is not responsible for lost or stolen cards and warns its client to protect their cards after ~ purchase and also activation. STi Prepaid is the Network Provider.

Dial 1-800-470-1981Press 1+area code+phone number.For worldwide Calls:After the tone, press 011+country code+city code+number.To make another call, do not hang up; push the star crucial (*) twice, then enter pin #.


Questions? Please visit ourCalling Cards FAQsection or Email united state at You may also contact us with the adhering to numbers:- for order inquiries, please call us in ~ 1-877-6-Get-PIN (1-877-643-8746), Mon-Fri9:30am-12am, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm EST.- For technological assistance, please call 1-800-470-1983.
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Purchase yourPIN online and get it soon as quickly as you finish the order, don"t also waitfor the email! You may view your PIN ~ your have clicked "PayNow" in PayPal. If for any kind of reason you didn'tget the prompt PIN online, or the email was delayed as much as 15 minute from the timeorder was submitted, will concern extra 3% of complete purchases back tothe credit card offered in the purchase. Orders hosted for hands-on verification have actually somerestrictions. This sell does not use to international Top-ups/World Wireless Refillsand likewise e-Check payments.Please view Instant shipment FAQ for an ext info.

Lowest prices Guaranteed promises the lowest price the wireless refill PINs will match any lower price native a reputable challenger website because that upto 7 days from the bespeak date. The reduced priced item have to be available for purchaseand must be an accurate item complement of the purchased product from us in terms of productrefill value and plan, delivery an approach of pin or minutes, delivery lead time, andpayment method. Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and other comparable siteswhere prices are dictated by separation, personal, instance sellers and not by traditional reseller pricingare no eligible. This offer does not use to worldwide Top-ups as result of the pricedifferences thrust by the foreign currency exchange. To avail that this offer, pleasesend an email to v the order number and also the pagelink of the lower priced item and also a refund for the difference will be issued ~ above priceand listing verification.

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