I"ve always thought that huge Mama indigenous The Fox and the Hound was fairly a optimistic female character, but I have a girlfriend who"s convinced that large Mama is a gyeongju caricature, a maid or a "mammy" figure. Is she right?

I had actually to watch a couple of clips and read some evaluation in order to answer this- it’s been so long since I last witnessed this movie that ns didn’t also remember her, however I was quite curious to know due to the fact that I haven’t heard it come up before.

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Here is a Youtube clip of huge Mama(this movie is circa 1981)


In part respect, you room both right. She is ideal that the owl uses AAVE (though watered down, as this review defines it). And if there was much doubt ns think naming a character “Big Mama” tends to push it more in that direction.

I discovered an essay the answers her question an ext thoroughly; I’m going to copy paste below some the what that writer has said. Ns don’t agree with everything he states in it– he involves the conclusion that “Dumbo” is the least racist the end of any type of of them since it portrays many accurately, and I don’t agree through that, or his opinion the “The Fox and The Hound is an instance of racism simply due to the fact that it so clearly isn’t.” i mean… what? It either is or that isn’t. I recognize what he’s trying to say however I largely agree only with the parts about character that I have actually highlighted below.

I don’t think you’re necessarily wrong in saying the she’s a positive female character, but I think if you examine the intersection the portrayal together a woman (implied, due to the fact that it’s one owl) black character, climate the reality could be much more nuanced than just straight up… good or bad. She implied blackness can’t be divorced indigenous an evaluation of her character.

Quote parts:

“There is a speaker of AAVE in this film, return the AAVE used is a much an ext watered down variation than I witnessed in either of the other two films. Huge Mama, an owl, is voiced by Pearl Bailey…Big Mama is shown positively, practically saintly, together she seems to constantly be doting on the young fox…

Her “black” speech is watered down, yet you can record a most the differences in her speech from the “standard” white speech of Tod, Copper, and also Widow Tweed, and the fact that she’s being played through a black voice actress is not lost.

…The suggest I was going to do about big Mama is that she appears to be practically too perfect a character. Virtuous in every way, constantly patient and also kind, never angry or sad or selfish (or even mindful of any kind of kind of self-interest), always wise and dignified. In fact, she’s not really a character at all, yet a cardboard cutout of one angel…

Compared come the other characters voiced by black color actors in the other two films, she’s a glittering idol the what portrayals of “black” characters “should be.” A way for an sector previously ridiculed for its treatment of black characters to dodge all criticism and also deny all intentions that harm.

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Trouble is, this idea is incredibly flawed. When, together a filmmaker, you have actually a black character, and also water under their natural speech to do it sound more “standard,” and give lock lines that make lock smarter than other characters, and also portray lock in a way you’d never ever portray a hero or heroine - together a column of virtue - your black character never has a possibility to become anyone of any type of importance. A guardian angel, a watchful friend. However not a hero, and most certainly not a villain. This “character” you’ve created has no motivation. He has actually no will, no heritage, no method to break out of the box you’ve painted that into. He end to be a character, after ~ all, and also becomes straightforward scenery.”

-In that last part, ns agree v what he’s saying around her no being given motivation of her very own etc., and also as an intersection of gyeongju her stand-in as the advantageous elder is mammy-esque, however I completely disagree about other components of what he’s saying. If girlfriend read an ext of what he says, it almost seems choose he doesn’t think a black character (or person) can possibly speak this means or have actually “smarter” sounding lines like… what?? Black civilization aren’t a monolith that speech and portrayal.