Hello, The talk specs is 65-90 ft lbs and also here is a video that shows how to use a torque wrenchhttps://youtu.be/juOClONIWeYPlease allow us know if you need anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.

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Hi, I must replace wheel hub assembly on my 01 f150 4x4. Execute I require to obtain an alignment after ~ it"s replaced. Thanks Jeff F 150 s crew 4x4


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This summary is for the 4WD HUB & BEARING ASSEMBLYRemovalTurn off air suspension system, if equipped. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Eliminate brake caliper. Support caliper aside. Eliminate brake caliper anchor. Mark brake rotor and hub, and remove brake rotor. Remove and also discard cotter pin. Remove hub seed retainer and also nut. Remove brake rotor shield (if necessary). Eliminate ABS sensor (if equipped). Eliminate hub and bearing assembly-to-CV joint mounting bolts from rear of steering knuckle. View Fig. 1. Carry out NOT over-extend CV joint. Slide hub and also bearing assembly off CV axle tower splines. CV share is a slip fit into wheel hub and bearing assembly and also should not call for puller to remove. Eliminate steering knuckle grease seal. Check steering knuckle grease seal, hub and also bearing assembly for extreme wear and also damage. Replace materials as necessary. InstallationUsing Bearing Cup Replacer (T80T-4000-P), Knuckle Seal Replacer (T96T-1175-A) and also Threaded Drawbar (T77F-1176-A), install seal till it seats versus steering knuckle. Download hub and also bearing assembly top top steering knuckle, guiding CV axle pillar through spline in hub. Tighten hub and also bearing assembly-to-steering knuckle mounting bolts come specification. Watch TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Align marks, and install brake rotor and also caliper. With brakes applied, tighten hub retainer seed to specification. Watch TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Install washer, seed lock and new cotter pin. Perform NOT back off nut to download cotter pin. To complete installation, turning back removal procedure. Reactivate waiting suspension system. Before driving vehicle, pump brake pedal several times to reclaim normal pedal position.2WDWHEEL BEARINGS, HUB & ROTORRemovalTurn off air suspension system, if equipped. Raise and also support vehicle. Eliminate wheel. Remove caliper retainer and anti-rattle springs (if equipped). Remove brake caliper, and also wire aside. Remove inboard brake pad (if necessary). Eliminate caliper anchor plate. Remove grease cap, cotter pin, nut, washer and also outer wheel bearing. CAUTION:DO NOT allow inner bearing and seal to contact spindle threads during removal. Damages to threads, bearing and seal could result.Discard cotter pin. Carefully slide rotor from steering knuckle. Eliminate oil seal and inner bearing. Discard oil seal. Utilizing a drift, eliminate bearing cup (if necessary). InstallationClean and inspect bearings and cups. Execute NOT turn bearing dry using compressed air. Fill or change bearings together required. Install external then within bearing cup if removed. Download inner bearing and brand-new oil seal. Closely install rotor and outer bearing, washer, and nut. Change wheel bearings. Check out WHEEL BEARING under ADJUSTMENTS & INSPECTION. Come install continuing to be components, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all nuts and also bolts. View TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Reactivate air suspension system, if equipped.