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2009 In an post published in The Guardian, "Hallelujah" writer Leonard Cohen admits the track is overplayed. "I think it"s a good song, but I think too many human being sing it," that says.

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1995 in ~ Soldier ar in Chicago, the grateful Dead play your last present with Jerry Garcia, that dies a month later.

1977 Elvis Costello quits his project at cosmetics manufacturing facility to pursue a music career.

1977 The Steve Miller tape hits #8 in the US v "Jet Airliner," a tune written through the blind people singer Paul Pena.

1975 Jack White (lead singer, guitarist for The White Stripes) is born man Anthony Gillis in Detroit, Michigan. The takes the surname "White" as soon as he marries his bandmate, Meg White.

1968 David Ruffin is fired from The Temptations after missing a show. The command singer on your hits "My Girl" and "Ain"t also Proud to Beg," Ruffin clashes v his bandmates and also with Motown head Berry Gordy before he is fired.

1956 In the broadcast tantamount of Lou Gehrig acquisition over because that Wally Pipp at very first base, dick Clark replace instead replace Bob Horn as host of the TV show Bandstand, which runs on the Philadelphia TV station WFIL. The present goes national the following year, through Clark hosting it till 1989.

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2019 After years of animosity that retained Ann and Nancy Wilson apart, heart regroup for your Love lively tour, i beg your pardon kicks off through a show in St. Louis. Assistance acts are all women: Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile and Elle King.

2017 The radio station Mansfield 103.2 in England is hijacked by a transmitter hacker who engages in some monkeyshines, saying, "I"m a w--ker, I"m a w--ker" in a Nottinghamshire accent prior to playing the "The Winker"s track (Misprint)" by Ivor Biggun, a paean to self-pleasure that repeats the phrase over and also over.More

2012 spirit singer Linda "Kay Kay" Greenwade (of Kay Kay and also the Rays) die at period 56 after ~ a long duration of ok health, consisting of diabetes and also a mind tumor.

2011 Matt Bellamy of Muse and also his fiancé Kate Hudson welcome a baby boy. Hudson had a boy v Black Crowes frontman kris Robinson 7 years earlier.

2006 Milan B. Williams (keyboardist for The Commodores) die of cancer at age 58.

2003 Buzzcocks beat Madison Square Garden because that the an initial time ever before in your career, opening for Pearl Jam.

2001 throughout an appearance on MTV"s TRL, four of the Backstreet boys announce their black color & Blue tour will certainly be put on hold so their 5th member, AJ McLean, can go into rehab come treat alcoholism and depression.

1999 preventing a legal fight over whether or not they were ever legally married (they had actually a awareness in Bali in 1991), Mick Jagger and also Jerry hall reach a settlement, call their break-up an annulment.

1995 Hootie & the Blowfish beat the first-ever concert at the meadows Music theater in Hartford, Connecticut, illustration a crowd of 17,000.

1981 The alphabet News present 20/20 runs a story dubbed "Rappin" to The Beat," becoming the very first national TV news newspaper to cover lab music. "You never miss the truth there"s no melody," Hugh Downs claims in his introduction. "It"s every beat and talk." The coverage says rap may be an ext than simply a happen fad.

1978 Andy Gibb and also his brothers, the bee Gees, do together for the first time as soon as Barry, Robin and also Maurice join him in ~ his concert in Miami to sing his struggle "Shadow Dancing," i beg your pardon they created together.

1977 Alan O"Day"s "Undercover Angel" hits #1. It will host the position for one week.

1974 In Seattle, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young pat a four-hour show to kick off their reunion tour (they haven"t toured together due to the fact that 1970). It"s the very first rock stadium tour - no a great fit for the band, who aren"t according to or flamboyant. ~ the tour, they start recording an album but component ways before it"s finished.

1974 Rush sign a resolve Mercury Records, who room impressed by your debut album, a self-titled independent release with the monitor "Working Man."

1971 cool Funk rail play to a sold-out group of 55,000 in ~ Shea stadium in brand-new York City. They have no struggle singles, yet are renowned in the area thanks to a block-long billboard the ran in time Square for lot of the ahead year.

Rock approximately The Clock i do not care The very first #1 absent Song


Bill Haley & His Comets" "Rock approximately The Clock" i do not care the an initial Rock song to hit #1 on the Billboard popular music chart, wherein it stays for eight weeks. The track was initially released as a the B-side that "Thirteen Women," but ended up being a substantial hit after ~ it showed up in the movie Blackboard Jungle.

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When "Rock roughly The Clock" quietly entered the charts in 1954, that was just a minor hit for bill Haley & His Comets, who had their an initial chart entrance the year before with "Crazy Man, Crazy" (the an initial rock document in graph history) and would soon acquire national acclaim v their covering of Joe Turner"s "Shake, Rattle and also Roll." But new York publisher Jimmy Myers, who penned the song with Philadelphia songwriter Max Freedman under the pseudonym Jimmy DeKnight, wasn"t ready to provide up top top "Rock about The Clock."Myers and also Freedman had an instinct about Haley. The Michigan-born singer who started his career together a singing yodeler because that a nation act was making his mark on R&B consist of by including a west swing element, retaining an leaf that would certainly otherwise be dulled once salacious blues lyrics were sanitized because that white audiences. Because that teens cultivation up ~ above a stable diet of traditional pop, the likes of the Comets and, later, Elvis Presley, would cause pandemonium. But not therefore fast. Haley to be signed come a brand owned by Dave Miller, who happened to dislike Myers. If he want to record the song, he"d have to wait till his contract through Miller expired. That did, and also "Rock about The Clock" was taped at his very first session as a Decca artist. When it fail to do an impression top top the charts, Myers began shopping the song roughly Hollywood, wherein MGM was preparing to relax Blackboard Jungle. Starring Glenn Ford, the movie is about an English teacher struggling to store his delinquent students, including Sidney Poitier in a breakout role, in line at one inner-city school. With "Rock approximately The Clock" spinning end the opened credits, the movie launches the rock and also roll era and sends the solitary to the top of the Billboard charts. Haley"s comet will fade with the climb of Elvis, however his name will certainly forever be associated with rock and also roll"s seminal hit. The tune will stand for the era together the initial theme come Happy Days, a "50s nostalgia sitcom that makes its debut in 1974 and also gives the single another chart operation at #39.