The unpredictability the audiences and also touring can reason problems onstage, even if a band has actually their set down pat.

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Although us can’t go to san Diego shows in stimulate to stop the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, we can still reflect on these wild concert moments v affection and also a healthy dose of WTF.


Father man Misty

1. Pinback got back stolen bass

Musicians typically NEVER gain their stolen tools back. Pinback from mountain Diego, however, are an exemption to the norm.

About a half hour right into the band’s 2012 mountain Diego Music Thing collection at the Sunset holy place room, bandmember Zach smith noticed his bass was missing. The band stopped the show to investigate, however it to be drummer chris Prescott that rescued the custom-made instrument.

“He spotted a male stuffing the bass right into a trashcan, and also then witnessed the man run down the street,” reads a San Diego CityBeat post via Brooklyn Vegan. “Prescott make the efforts to prevent him number of times — at one point, that says, the guy begged simply to it is in let walk — prior to successfully intercepting him within Queen Bee’s.”

The thief to be arrested, and justice for base players everywhere was served.

2. Fan tried come hug Morrissey

Many fans probably wanted come hug previous Smiths singer Morrissey before his, stop say, problematic ideas came to irradiate … Few, however, would certainly actually charge the stage while the brother crooner was performing, like this concert goer walk in 2018 at Copley Symphony Hall.

Some reports asserted the fan was attack Morrissey however the singer’s manager later clarified it was a hug in a statement.

“The fan in concern was certainly more aggressive in getting to out because that him than most,” review the statement on Morrissey’s facebook page. “Security had actually to do their job and subdue the fan. That’s all it was. In the end no one was hurt, and no one was arrested.”

The pan was dragged offstage and the present was stopped. Fortunately, it was towards the finish of the show so attendees got the most out of your likely an extremely expensive tickets.

3. Burn of Rome lugged pig heads to mountain Diego Music Awards

So this was a very first (and most likely last) for the mountain Diego Music Awards (SDMAs): san Diego-based burn of Rome used 5 impaled pig heads together props during their 2009 SDMA performance.

The agree to the gimmick to be mixed, together made apparent by a San Diego Reader report by Ken Leighton.

SDMA exec director Kevin Hellman said: “This was a band that was simply doing what a the majority of bands do: detect a means to acquire publicity. I’m sure bands have actually done crazier things. What did civilization say as soon as Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat?”

Others stated it to be “deplorable” to support the meat industry and also some thought it was a corny move, choose Travis Ryan of cattle Decapitation. (Now THIS is a band that can discuss the usage of livestock body parts.)

“It’s sort of cheesy,” Ryan told San Diego Reader. “So countless bands have done that. It no seem to mesh through what they to be doing onstage.”

4. Life the Agony singer gained bit in the leg

Now this is something the doesn’t take place everyday: A tattoo artist from Eden Tattoo little bit Life of Agony’s singer Mina Caputo’s foot in 2018 at Brick through Brick.

Caputo had just claimed that san Diego’s water “tastes like farts” moments before the bite, follow to Greg Cerwonka, whose tape Take Offense had opened the show. (I think the fart water comment to be the catalyst because that bite, but that’s simply one reporter’s opinion.)

Engared, Caputo started yelling obscenities. She later tweeted the end a picture of the biter in question, advising san Diego venues to half her indigenous future shows.

Life that Agony biting incident component 2

— totality Ass Cracker (
mr_mocaine) might 23, 2018

The tattoo artist later on apologized online, saying the “Eden Tattoo and also artists do not represent my actions as I am my own person.” Caputo later forgave the artist, tweeting a screenshot the the keep in mind on Twitter.

5. The black Lips’ difficult Rock Café display got shut down

Usually bands play for 45 minutes or more, but Atlanta rockers The black color Lips played for simply several minute at the difficult Rock café in 2012.

In a 2018 interview, frontman Jared Swiley told that he remembers a riot-like instance with the crowd surging forward and also barriers being thrust away:

“I psychic a bouncer unplugging my guitar. Sometimes, as soon as you get bouncers choose that — if castle overreact — it creates this bike of tension,” Swiley said. “I think they had exterior security that didn’t know exactly how to take care of that type of situation, and it just gained a little out the control. I remember obtaining pretty rowdy too, and I gained tackled by a bouncer.”

Ironically, the tape got cut off during the track “Short Fuse.” The tape was still permitted to remain at the difficult Rock Hotel and also got a cake sent out up to your room (it to be Swiley’s birthday).

“The following morning, one of the was wearing a t-shirt that stated ‘Support the black color Lips,’” stated Swiley. “I thought that was funny due to the fact that she operated there. For the most part, ns think it to be all simply in an excellent nature, sort of a misunderstanding.”

6. NIN stops present due to clinical emergency

Nine inch Nails (NIN) to be 10 songs into their collection at Cox Arena (now Viejas Arena) September 16, 2005 as soon as drummer Jerome Dillon started having chest pains.

The band stopped playing and also around 30 minutes later, singer Trent Reznor told the audience: “Here’s what’s up, no bullshit. Jerome pertained to me and also said, ‘My love is pounding and also I’m having chest pains.’ We’re all kind of freaked out ago here.”

The show was stopped and also postponed to November 20 of the year.

Dillon was provided a clean invoice of health and wellness later, yet eventually had to leave the NIN tour because of problems related come a congenital heart condition.

7. Fergie peed her pants throughout The black color Eyed Peas set

The black Eyed Peas were running late come their collection at san Diego Street step festival in 2005, as soon as singer Fergie couldn’t host it any kind of longer. Likely, the “My Humps” singer didn’t have time to hit a porta potty prior to the gig and peed she pants.

In one interview with Ebro in the Morning top top radio station warm 97, Fergie detailed the notorious peeing incident.

Classic cringe pic: Fergie pisses herself during a black color Eyed Peas concert in 2007. Native r/cringepics

“I’m running on and we jump and do ‘Let’s obtain It Started’, and also I get crazy and I jump and also I run throughout the stage and also my adrenaline was going and also gosh,” she said. “I wish it didn’t happen … It was so embarrassing!”

She acquired it started alright!

8. Male peed in the front row at a Father john Misty show

Speaking the peeing … A male urinated in the front heat of a Father john Misty present at Humphrey’s through the just in 2017.

Singer Joshua Tillman was mid-way v his tune “Nancy From now On,” once he stopped, lit a cigarette, and stared in ~ the peeing man.

According to Brian Strauss’ review of the show, Tillman called the man: “I evaluate you being so existential about it … I deserve to confidently say i’ve never had actually someone pissing on world at among my shows.”

9. Fan gets eaten out during Dead Kennedys’ set

Little did the Dead Kennedys understand that when they play the ship Up Tavern in 2015, a couple thought performing dental sex ~ above stage throughout “Police Truck” would be the best move.

San Diego radio personality chris Cantore wrote: “Photos present the woman completely exposed and also belly increase on the stage with a man performed dental sex ~ above her.” (Gives “belly up” a entirety new definition …) The pair was thrown the end by security.

In a statement, the ship Up said: “Of course, we don’t condone this activity in ours establishment and security quit it ideal away. This is certainly a very first for us.”

10. XXXTentacion obtained sucker punched ~ above stage

North Park was buzzing with police activity in 2017 the night the late rapper XXXTentacion got punched on stage at the Observatory north Park. Also during the disruption, an audience member was stabbed, according to a report through Timothy Rawles in mountain Diego happy & Lesbian News.

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Many recorded the beat on video, which to be promptly posted to social media. XXXTentacion additionally went on society media with his own video in i beg your pardon he claimed that Observatory’s protection had collection him up.

Hip-hop publishing XXL Magazine later on said there had actually been beef between XXXTentacion and also rapper rob Stone. V Stone’s hometown being mountain Diego, it’s likely that the beat wasn’t really random at every …