32 cal. Fabrique Nationale D"Armes De Guerre Herstal Belgique Browning paten depose serial # 185577, can you phone call me about the age of this firearm. And also anything else around it.

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No photo, I perform not know just how to carry out that via Internet. I did some recherché top top Internet, i am certain it is a design 1910, the 32 cal. In my possession matches all the markings every the image on Internet. At this suggest I am just unsure around the period of gun

Thank you for her efforts, the 32. Cal is a design 1910, it is marked exactly prefer the picture on the Internet, the 32 cal. In my possession has actually no raised sights, simply indented groves front and back, when could this pistol have been made.? go the serial number give any clues?


Sure I deserve to tell you very closely the date of produce of a model 1910 v your serial number, but I likewise ask other in return and that is what room the markings on the pistol? there are several variations of stamped letters and symbols ~ above the pistol slide likewise on the structure at the trigger guard. Each has a meaning.

What do you have on yours?


Dan, ns am no trying to it is in difficult, I simply don,t know exactly how to attach and also send girlfriend the photo. What e mail attend to do i send it to. I have actually a snapshot just not sure just how to send it. Louis


I did not receive any email. Ns don"t understand which email attend to you may have used?

But girlfriend can post images here.

When creating a article at the bottom of the home window you watch "Attach Photos" and also a black color arrow. Click the arrow and "Browse" to her computer desktop and find the images.


Dan, ns am no questioning your expertise, I know nothing around guns. Deserve to you estmate, guess a year once this pistol to be made? give thanks to you louis

I am uncover not Dan...need serial to tell you....suggest made around 1938.

But this were likewise made after war...serial


Remember the Perron proof? the one to be not applied after 1924 whether or not it is a 1910 or a 1922 model.

So absolutely not a 1938 dated FN.

After looking in ~ my data/records just the 1910 would have the Perron proof v serial 185xxx.

I cannot tell for certain which design it is based on this small component of the pistol. The version 1922 has actually a barrel expansion at the muzzle offering a much longer barrel.

Need a photo that mirrors the full pistol.


Nicely done.

A FN model 1910 very likely indigenous 1924.

Thanks again because that the images. Any type of chance I can see the other side?



That is what provides collecting this FN pistols so much fun. Friend really need to dig the details to know what friend have and so many world who market them because that sale have tiny clue as to the age or history.

The most challenging to date/age room the early article war pistols.


Thanks for the extra images. This is unusual v a serial number on the appropriate side of the slide like.

Perhaps a one-of-a-kind request by a team or someone? it is no common.

FN design 1910 most likely from 1924 based upon the features and serial number. Worth is $300 come $400 in this condition.

Can you post a close up of the best side, please? ns am curious the serial on the slide and the clues by the create guard.



Thanks very much because that the extra images. I appreciate the see angles.

The serial top top the slide is the unusual part of your pistol. I have seen only a couple of marked choose this.

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If girlfriend retract the slide together if to load the pistol, and also flip the pistol upside down carry out you see an additional stamping of the serial number? It would be on the rear underside in ~ the back of the pistol visible when upside down.


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