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While the journey from Los Angeles to mountain Francisco is arguably the most renowned road expedition to take follow me the Pacific coast of the joined States, countless visitors the western USA are looking to undertaking further into the Pacific Northwest and also are to crawl to proceed their trip north every the way to the state of Washington’s biggest city. However what space the best stops ~ above the mountain Francisco come Seattle drive?

While you are sure to recognize of some of the greatest hits that a san Francisco to Seattle road pilgrimage — consisting of the wineries the Napa Valley, California’s large redwoods, and also the i know well vibes of Portland — there are so countless places to stop on a road trip between these two great cities (or also on a san Francisco come Portland road trip) that are very much precious exploring.

Though the distance from mountain Francisco come Seattle is about 800 miles as soon as you don’t venture from the Interstate-5, over there is a compelling dispute to prolong your trip and also do some epic visit while on the way. Because of this, we’ve compiled a considerable list of the finest stops top top the Seattle to mountain Francisco drive with the help of some other travel writers.

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20 stops on the san Francisco come Seattle DriveWhere to remain on the san Francisco to Seattle Drive

Getting from mountain Francisco come Seattle

The street on the drive from mountain Francisco come Seattle is around 808 miles (1300 kilometres) and takes about 12 hours and 45 minute non-stop if travelling on the i5 Highway. However, if you’re to plan on visiting countless of the stop outlined on this san Francisco come Seattle roadway trip, you have to expect to invest at least 5 to 7 job to watch all the highlights.

20 stops on the mountain Francisco come Seattle Drive

Like much of the united States, the west coast is best discovered through car, particularly outside of the large cities. Even if it is you’re plan on steering from mountain Francisco to Seattle or the other method around, there are countless places whereby you can rent a auto in this area that the country.

If you must hire a car, us recommend making use of RentalCars.com, i m sorry aggregates the finest prices throughout most obtainable brands. If you choose an RV or campervan, we indicate using Outdoorsy which has actually a huge an option of choices available.

We would likewise suggest taking out a policy with iCarHireInsurancewhich will cover you for any excess at a much-reduced rate contrasted to the rental company.

Make certain to also have a valid take trip insurance policy so you’re covered for any type of unfortunate events. We prefer WorldNomads and always use them for our trips –click below to acquire a quote native WorldNomads

Regardless if you rent a car, drive her own, or room going top top a Seattle to san Francisco road trip just as a passenger, these space the finest stops follow me the way:

The beautiful gold Gate bridge in mountain Francisco

Sausalito, California

Just throughout from Downtown san Francisco, linked by the iconic gold Gate Bridge, Sausalito is the logical first stop ~ above the mountain Francisco to Seattle drive. That is a ar well visiting, v a charming town centre and also breathtaking neighboring nature wherein you deserve to relax and explore.

Want to learn around the just Area’s natural habitat? then don’t miss out on the marine Mammal Center. This non-profit organization’s function is come rescue, rehabilitate, and release thousands of naval mammals who space in need. You have the right to learn much more about this creatures and also the organization at the centre.

Both the gold Gate nationwide Recreational Area and thePoint Reyes national Seashore are renowned getaway spots for Bay Area residentsto escape their busy city lives. Both are part of the US national ParksSystem, where travellers are motivated to hike, drive through many scenicroutes, and also visit few of the historic spots while learning around thepreserved seashore and its indigenous habitats.

Don’t miss the Cypress Tunnel, which is renowned for its rowsof cypress trees. This is among the most renowned “Instagrammable”spots in California. Native here, you can continue on your journey come the PointReyes Lighthouse and beyond.

Sausalito town centre has a lot of charm itself. If girlfriend are trying to find somewhere to dine and drink, visit the cosy Barrel house Tavern or Scoma’s of Sausalito for their fresh seafood dishes. For accommodation, if you room up because that a rustic, budget plan place come stay, Marin Headlands Hostelis a great option. That is the only hostel in ~ the US national Parks System, and also not too much from Sausalito’s town centre.

Halef, The ring The human being Guys

Sausalito, Credit: Halef – The round The human being Guys

Muir Woods, California

If you room going top top a mountain Francisco to Seattle road trip, you should spend part time top top the trails atMuir Woods national Monument. Located just north of mountain Francisco, it is renowned for the towering redwood trees and is component of California’s gold Gate national Recreation Area.

The trees right here are around 400 to 800 year old and tower over you in ~ a height of as much as 75 metres (250 feet). The trails the loop with the groves room flat and also easy. Numerous of the canyon floor trails room boardwalks and also paved trails, make the paths wheelchair accessible. The woodland floor is covered with ferns and redwood sorrel and many other trees prefer red alders, California big leaf maples, tanoaks, and also Douglas fir. Friend can also spot wildlife like owls and also otters.

Plan a visit throughout the fall season because that a special experience as the foliage turns to beautiful colours.There is restricted parking available, therefore it could be much better to visit during weekdays or take a spaceship if visiting during holidays and weekends.

On weekends, you have the right to take the shuttles that operation from the Marin City bus terminal and Sausalito Ferry terminal. The enntrance gate fee is $15 and mobile phone service can it is in pretty spotty. There is a visitor center at the Muir Woods enntrance gate that has exhibits and information top top Muir Woods along with a little cafe and gift shop.

Priya, exterior Suburbia

Muir Woods, Credit: Priya – exterior Suburbia

Sonoma, California

Sonoma is Napa’s laidback tiny sister, a wine an ar just north of mountain Francisco, famed for its farm-to-table food and also friendly wineries and terrific stop top top the mountain Francisco come Seattle drive.

The Sonoma region is made up of too many of tiny towns, the most picturesque of which is Healdsburg, a cute ar filled through tasting rooms and also the area’s finest restaurants. The Camellia Inn is a beautiful ar to stay, supplying the best in household hospitality.

One that the key things to perform in Sonoma is to visit few of the wineries, including some the the small-scale hipster wineries, such together Medlock Ames, Scribe, and Red automobile Winery. And also don’t miss Korbel, i beg your pardon specialises in champagne.

Sonoma isn’t just around wine though, it’s additionally a renowned spot to simply gain away native it every in nature. Guerneville is a party city in the redwoods, when Forestville is a slightly quieter option. Both have actually a plethora of incredible cabins top top offer, many complete with document players and also hammocks, perfect for whiling away the day. And make certain to visit Armstrong Redwoods State herbal Reserve for a walk amongst the giants.

Other optimal things to do in Sonoma ar include: visiting arty Sebastapol; taking a pilgrimage to the Bodega Bay; do the efforts the scones at Wildflower Bakery; and eating out at among the countless amazing restaurants, such together Backyard in Forestville.

Victoria, Bridges and also Balloons

Sonoma, Credit: Victoria – Bridges and Balloons

Napa Valley, California

Located a little over one hour external of san Francisco and also a wonderful stop if you’re going on a san Francisco to Seattle roadway trip, the Napa sink is terrific place to visit. Come for the wine and also stay because that the world-class cuisine.

Most recognize Napa because that the wine and you will certainly not be disappointed if you involved visit Napa just for a autumn or 2 of the neighborhood vintages. Head to Domaine Chandon where you deserve to taste several of the finest sparkling wines in the US. After, you have the right to do a cave tasting at hall Rutherford. You will certainly not it is in disappointed.

If you hungry a good (and affordable) clues is La Luna Market and Taqueria. Whereby you will uncover the ideal burritos in the Napa Valley. Finally, finish your work of wine tasting in a lock at Castello di Amorosa. Not only is that absolutely gorgeous yet the wine is very good, as well.

If it’s within your budget, there room a variety of world-class Michelin-starred restaurants in the Napa Valley. One of the most renowned is The French Laundry, operation by world-famous chef thomas Keller. Be all set to make reservations months in advance. However, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Another Michelin-starred restaurant is Auberge Du Soleil. If girlfriend can’t obtain reservations to French Laundry then make sure to gain a preventive here. You probably should try to eat in ~ both is time and also budget permits.

And if friend are searching for something a small bit an ext casual and friendly to your wallet, climate downtown Napa is the perfect place. Through a variety of wine tasting rooms, restaurants and lounges, over there is lot of to execute after a job of exploring. The is also very walkable, so you deserve to skip the Ubers and also spend the evening exploring downtown Napa.

Taima, poor in a private Plane

Napa, Credit: Taima – bad in a private Plane

Mendocino, California

A good stop about one-third the the means on the mountain Francisco to Seattle drive is in the rustic coastal town that Mendocino.It is also wonderful stop if you’re driving up the Highway 1 and also 101 on a mountain Francisco come Portland road trip.

Mendocino appears to be developed of weather-worn greyed wood, perhaps due to the fact that much of it in reality was developed of redwood in the 1800s as soon as it was a centre for redwood mills.It additionally is renowned for the vintage water towers, some of which currently serve together lodgings and restaurants.

The city is inhabited by numerous artists and holds many of galleries — one is in reality in a water tower — and also plenty of unique shops. When here, you’ll desire to go beachcombing and also take a walk with Mendocino Headlands State Park, wherein in the late-winter whale city hall season, girlfriend might be able to spot among the creatures breaching offshore.

Take time come visit Mendocino art Center and perhaps also participate in a workshop, and come back in the evening because that a stage manufacturing in the adjacent theatre.

The ideal place in town for breakfast is the Goodlife cafe & Bakery (don’t miss out on the oatmeal-chocolate chip Cowboy cookie or a cup the the neighborhood favourite same trade and also organic Thanksgiving coffee). For dinner head to the sleek Cafe Beaujolais. Despite this city rolls up the sidewalk early, you have the right to pop into Patterson’s traditional Irish pub for a nightcap.

Carole, Berkeley and also Beyond

Mendocino, Credit: Carole – Berkeley and Beyond

Fort Bragg, California

The sleepy coastal city of fort Bragg is located along Highway 1, likewise known as the Pacific shore Highway, in northern California around 275 kilometres (170 miles) phibìc of san Francisco. Fort Bragg is the perfect stop on the mountain Francisco come Seattle drive.

Fort Bragg is a beautiful city with gorgeous beaches and also parks,but that most well known for that Glass Beach. The Glass beach is so named becauseof the sea glass found all end the beach. Earlier in the early 20th century,citizens would dump your trash right into the ocean, this had glass bottlesthat would then be broken and also eroded by the waves to produce the sea glass.

Glass coast is located within the Noyo Headlands Park i m sorry hasgorgeous coastal trails with amazing views that the Pacific Ocean. That a greatplace to stretch your legs and also see an ext of the northern California coast.

For an exceptional breakfast, be sure to inspect out Eggheads Restaurant in the downtown area. The is a quirky “Wizard of Oz” themed restaurant through delicious eggs. Cowlick’s offers yummy local ice cream, consisting of an ice cream cream make from a mushroom indigenous to the area.

Fort Bragg is a an excellent place come visit if on a mountain Francisco to Portland or Seattle road trip and it’s a cute city that enables you to obtain a taste that nature.

— Constance, The Adventures that Panda Bear

Fort Bragg, Credit: Constance – Adventures that Panda Bear

Shasta Lake, California

Located phibìc of Redding follow me Interstate 5 in California, Lake Shasta is one of the most beautiful and also popular locations in the state. And it is a perfect attraction spot come visit top top a mountain Francisco come Seattle roadway trip.

The Lake is huge and certain gorgeous. It was created by Shasta Dam and also is shaped like an strange fingered hand. That is surrounding by stunning mountains full of barren tree that create a bright comparison with the clear waters the the lake and the blue skies above.

Visiting the dam, which ranks as among the largest concrete frameworks in the U.S., is one attraction itself. To visit it, take trip 11 kilometres (7 miles) north of Redding and also take an exit to Shasta Dam Blvd. This roadway will command you to a panoramic view of the area. Take a tour to go inside the dam or visit among the adjacent caves.

Besides the dam, summer tasks include fishing, boating, camping, and water skiing. And for winter sporting activities enthusiasts, there space ski resorts nearby, and many state and national parks offering locations for mountaineering, cross-country skiing, hunting and also snowshoeing.

Don’tforget to pack some food to have a picnic in a the shade in seclusion best by thewater. Plenty of tables and picnic locations are easily accessible for visitors.

If girlfriend don’t have much time when passing by and don’t desire to detour, there room plenty the spots along I-5 wherein to stop, contemplate the beauty beauty of the lake and even take photos.

— Anya, road is Calling

Shasta Lake, Credit: Anya – roadway is Calling

Crescent City, California

The world’s tallest trees, the redwoods,grow follow me the coastline from large Sur come the Oregon border, yet the finest place toview castle is Crescent City, California.

This city is the perfect base tovisit Redwood National and also State Parks, a string of defended forests showcasingthese livingmonuments that can soar up to 370 feet high.It is also great stop ~ above a san Francisco to Seattle road trip. Combined,the national and also four state parks defend almost fifty percent of the staying coastalredwoods.

You can even drive near to few of these behemoths ~ above Howland HillRoad, a 10-mile winding dirt road through was standing of magnificent old-growthwoodland simply northwest the the city. Along the way, there are number of parkingareas v a variety of straightforward and an overwhelming hikes. The trees are not the just attraction toCrescent City, i m sorry is located on thePacific ocean where old development forests fulfill thesea. That is the perfect ar to enjoy numerous activities including kayaking,exploring tidal pools, and nature city hall (sea lions, harbour seals, and otters).

During low tide, friend can even walk come Battery point Lighthouse, a registered CaliforniaHistorical Landmark. The is the state’s northernmost lighthouse and is perchedon a small near-shore island. After that be certain to gain fresh seafood ata locally owned little restaurant,CrescentSeafood, in ~ the harbour.

If you’re searching for a terrific place to sleep among the trees, examine out theRedwoods Crescent City KOA. This campground supplies cabins and RV and tent camping sites nestled among 10 acres of redwood forest.

— Julie, Chickery’s Travels

Want a unique to invest the night? Check out this luxurious cabin nestled amongst the Redwoods!

Crescent City, Credit: Julie – Chickery’s Travels

Crater Lake, Oregon

A visit come Crater Lake national Park is the perfect protect against while ~ above a Seattle to mountain Francisco roadway trip. Well-known as the deepest lake in the joined States, Crater Lake was created when a supervolcano erupted 7,700 years ago. The rain and snowmelt have actually filled the basin of the volcano, developing a lake favor no other. Because there is no inlet or outlet, the lake has very couple of impurities, providing the water a unique, deep blue colour.

Open all year round, this nationwide park gets yes, really popular throughout the summertime however is quite tranquil in the winter for cross country skiing and also snowshoeing. There are plenty the hikes around the lake, favor the Watchman’s Lookout. This 1.6-mile hike has a moderate ascent and takes around 1 hour. It’s good for the sunset!One the the significant things to do approximately Crater lake in the summertime is to take it a boat the focal point of the lake, sorcerer’s Island. The boat leaves twice a day and also you’ll get to spend three hours on the island wherein you deserve to hike 763 feet up to the summit of the cinder cone.

One of the major things to do around Crater lake in the summertime is to take a watercraft the focal suggest of the lake, magician Island. The watercraft leaves double a day and you’ll obtain to spend three hrs on the island wherein you have the right to hike 763 feet approximately the summit that the cinder cone.

Helpful Tip: The park’s headquarters is positioned on the brim that the southern side of the crater. This is whereby all the tourism buses come and park and it can obtain really crowded during the summer. Instead, head out follow me the road the circles the brim to prevent the hordes and also have a much more peaceful suffer while ~ above the mountain Francisco to Seattle drive.

— Katie, two Wandering Soles

Crater Lake, Credit: Katie – 2 Wandering Soles

Toketee Falls, Oregon

With apologies to some of its north brethren, Toketee falls is considered by countless Southern Oregonians to it is in the many beautiful waterfall in the state and also a gorgeous stop on the drive from Crater Lake towards Portland & Seattle. While smaller in terms of drop, the scenery neighboring the falls is both exceptionally photogenic and unique.

You willfind this hidden gem nestled in the Umpqua nationwide Forest between Bend andRoseburg.

Parking in ~ the drops is no problem and also the carpark is discoverable in Google Maps. Native the parking lot, a short trail leads you with thick, eco-friendly forest complying with the north Umpqua river to her left, wherein you’ll see a pair of small tumbles the water along the way. Proceed on and also you will certainly arrive at the philosophy overlooking Toketee Falls, native which you deserve to marvel in ~ the beauty beauty of the thunderous waterfall.

At firstglance, numerous mistake the columnar basalt rock that Toketee spills through forancient, fossilized trees. The entirescene is decorated by the lush greenery for which Oregon is known.

As you plan your course, be prepared to stop generally on your means both in and out, as there are plenty of easily available and impressive waterfalls that line this scenic route. Some impressive waterfalls in Oregon encompass Whitehorse, Watson, and also Clearwater Falls.

Of course, you cannot come this much without likewise scheduling time because that Oregon’s pride and also joy, Crater Lake national Park! when it may be tiny by national Park standards, Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful separation, personal, instance sights in the USA.

If she in need of a hot meal, Beckie’s is simply a quick drive far from the southern entrance that the park and also is renowned state-wide for its pies and comfort food.

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Be certain to inspect road problems if planning a winter Seattle to mountain Francisco roadway trip, as this component of the state is topic to hefty snow and also the roadways are less maintained.

— Sophie, travels of Sophie

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