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Do not count her chickens prior to they are hatched.Do no count your chickens prior to they space hatched. :

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If we have actually a basketful that eggs, there is no guarantee that all the eggs will certainly hatch right into chickens. Likewise planning is important in life. But we should not pen all ours hopes and also plan too much for the future, expecting particular things come happen. Due to the fact that in life, occasions or incidents do not always happen the way we desire them come do. It is important to setup but we must also be prepared to suppose unexpected contingencies. In this proverb, ours plans are compared to chickens that come out of eggs.It is much better to plan things however one must additionally be prepared for uncertain eventualities to stop disappointments and frustration.Once there to be a farmer Subramanian who had grew groundnuts ~ above his farmland and got a good yield. He marketed the groundnuts and made a huge sum the money. He want to do the wedding that his daughter in a cool manner but realized that he was running short by a little amount.Subramanian made decision that he would cultivate groundnuts again the following season so that he would gain a vast sum the money all over again.Other farmer warned him no to do so because it to be time for the monsoons and also the meteorological department had actually predicted heavy rains that year. Lock told him that paddywould it is in the finest crop because that cultivation and also if he wanted he could cultivate groundnuts over a tiny area.But Subramanian refused to listen to them and went ahead and also cultivated groundnuts end his whole farmland. That was sure that he would acquire a an excellent yield. He invested all the extra money the he had to conduct his daughter"s wedding. Just as the plants were obtaining ready because that harvesting, heavy rains lashed the village and all the crops got wash away because of heavy floods. The rain brought about making hefty lose to all the farmers that had cultivated groundnuts in your lands.Subramanian was a very sad male for he not only shed his crops but he likewise wasted every his money in lavish expenditure which was unnecessary. He establish his folly in being overconfident and also not listening to his friends" advice which resulted in him shedding all his money. Thereafter it took countless years because that Subramanian to work out all his loan amount i m sorry he obtained to marry off his daughter.Similar Proverbs :Don"t put all your eggs in one basket.Don’t bite an ext than you deserve to chew.Cut your coat follow to her cloth.