How to lose a man in 10 Days made even bigger stars out of Kate Hudson and also Matthew McConaughey. The rom-com came out in 2003, and also it’s still one of the most beloved the the genre.

While chasing a story, Hudson’s Andie Anderson went to an excellent lengths to drive McConaughey’s Benjamin Barry away, who made a bet the he might make her autumn in love through him quickly. Their motives created some hilariously memorable scenes. And as it turns out, among the movie’s most iconic clips was improvised by Hudson.

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Kate Hudson and also Matthew McConaughey in ‘How to shed a man in 10 Days’ | big Pictures

Kate Hudson wasn’t the very first choice because that ‘How to shed a man in 10 Days’

Producer Lynda Obst revealed in one interview with Entertainment Weekly that Hudson wasn’t the top an option for the duty of Andie Anderson. Gwyneth Paltrow was initially tied come the project, and Mike Newell was an alleged to direct. Newell wouldn’t gain a start day on the calendar, however, and it do Paltrow leave the job to star in The check out From the Top instead.

It to be Hudson’s gold Globe-winning power in Almost Famous the landed her the duty after Paltrow’s exit. However things weren’t every smooth sailing once Hudson signed on.

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Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey’s age difference was a concern

Obst revealed over there were concerns over Hudson and McConaughey’s 10-year age gap. Hudson to be 23, and McConaughey was 33. Hudson intervened, happen up her then-husband, chris Robinson of The black color Crowes.

“I’m married to a 36-year-old, and it’s not favor he’s ancient,” she said.

Once they had actually director Donald Petrie on board, points proceeded easily. McConaughey said BBC in a 2003 interview what he chosen so much about the film and also working through Hudson.

“She’s adorable. She’s really natural, loose, and free,” the said. “She’s smart… savvy is a far better word. She it s okay the joke, everything the joke might be. Not simply the obvious joke — she it s okay that also — but she’ll laugh at the subplot that’s a tiny funnier than the apparent joke.”

As the Dallas Buyers Club star continued:

“You’ve acquired a male and also a woman perspective, and also a battle of the sexes at the same time. Great give and also take. A many spontaneity. You’ll view a lot of scenes where you’ll feel like, ‘Oh, ns bet that only occurred once,’ and it’s true. It happened in one take. It’s a really alive procedure that can happen in a an excellent romantic comedy. It’s no necessarily what’s gift said, yet the stuff in between the currently that provides it sexy and fun.”

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Donald Petrie had Kate Hudson improvise scenes to surprise Matthew McConaughey

Those one-off takes were a frequent thing during filming. Petrie said BBC the would have his top lady make up lines top top the clues to develop a more organic reaction from McConaughey. The said:

“I’m an extremely sneaky together a director. I’d go over come Kate and say, ‘OK, in this next take, don’t tell Matthew, yet do this.’ She would carry out it. What’s good is that, since they’re such consummate professionals, they never ever break character. They simply go with it. They simply wing it. I never ever say ‘Cut!’ in ~ the finish of a scene.”

One that those improvised moments to be the scene as soon as Andie showers Ben in kisses after revealing the dog she obtained them, i beg your pardon is hilarious enough as the is, and then there’s the boys’ night scene. Most of Hudson’s present in that memorable scene were consisted of on the point out by the actor.

She additionally improvised cram the plate of veggies. The next time you’re watching this movie, save an eye the end for McConaughey’s reaction due to the fact that they’re 100% genuine.

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Petrie described his reasoning behind the improv:

“I love a lot of improv since it’s all around the moment. There deserve to be great chemistry, yet if it wake up at the water cooler once the cameras aren’t rolling, you’ve gained nothing. It’s the chemistry that happens at that moment when it’s in focus. Actually, my favorite scene in the movie is as soon as there space no words whatsoever. It’s once she wants him come seduce her so she can say no, and also he’s determined not come seduce her so that won’t seem like the cad that he is. The cross purposes with no words really plays well.”

Hudson and McConaughey became rom-com staples many thanks to this film. Castle reunited 5 years later on in Fools Gold.