Can Xbox One play Blu-ray disc? That"s a good question. Microsoft doesn"t market a native Blu-ray player applications in one of two people Xbox One or 360 console, for this reason it"s simple to neglect the must Blu-ray playback. Actually, that all counts on the form of Xbox console you have. In this article we will show you everything you should know about that, so you can gain started and play Blu-ray bowl on Xbox One & 360 in no time.

First of all, there"s no obtaining away from the truth that when the more recent Xbox One (S/X) permits you to enjoy Blu-ray and also DVD movies with installing the Blu-ray player app from Store, Xbox 360 consoles carry out not come with Blu-ray support. The post will be divided into 2 parts and walk you v the means to beat Blu-ray top top Xbox 360 and also One separately.

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Part 1: How deserve to you play Blu-ray disc on Xbox one (S, X)?

Microsoft adds support of Blu-rays and 4K HDR Blu-rays playback ~ above the Xbox One S and also Xbox One X, however you will perform some extra steps to permit it. Right here is how to set up and view Blu-ray movies on Xbox person or Xbox One X.

Install the Blu-ray player app from Xbox Home

Playing Blu-ray and also DVD disc on Xbox One calls for you to install a dedicated app first. Here"s how.

push the Xbox switch on her controller to open up the guide choose Home, and also then scroll right and also select Store. form Blu-ray in the search bar. The Blu-ray Player app should appear, choose it. Click Free or Install come download and install the app.

Now you"re able come pop your Blu-ray disc right into the bowl tray and also play on her Xbox One console.

Install the Blu-ray player application by inserting a disc

Another method to do Blu-ray playable top top Xbox person or X is to simply insert a DVD or Blu-ray disc to the console.

Insert her Blu-ray or DVD right into Xbox One console. Choose the Blu-ray Player app when it appears. Pick Free or Install top top the app details page to start downloading and installing. Your disc need to start play automatically.

It"s advisable to allow HDR on your Xbox person or X if you"re to plan to watch 4K UHD Blu-ray content. Watch this post for much more information from home windows Centre. Friend can also find much more resources indigenous Microsoft support that will assist you play Blu-ray disc on Xbox One X and also S.

Part 2: exactly how to beat Blu-ray movies on Xbox 360

The old Xbox 360 won"t work-related with Blu-ray disc, but that doesn"t mean you can"t watch her Blu-ray movie on Xbox 360 consoles. There"s a quick and also easy means to obtain a digital copy of your Blu-ray movie that you deserve to play ~ above Xbox 360, computer, apologize TV, smartphone and tablets.

Blu-ray Converter is what we use for this task. It can easily rip the Blu-ray/ DVD disc and convert its content to a wide selection of well-known digital video clip formats. The procedure is simple: all you must do is fill up a disc, set your calculation format and parameters and you"re prepared to fight the Convert. It likewise includes a library of output profiles that space optimized because that smartphones, multimedia devices, social networks and game consoles, Xbox One and also 360 included.

Additionally, it has capability to convert video & audio files from one layout to another. It works well on both Windows and MacOS.

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Here"s just how you can rip a Blu-ray disc to play on Xbox 360:

Insert the BD disc right into drive (if girlfriend haven"t one, obtain an external USB BD drive), beginning Blu-ray Converter on your computer. Select Load Disc to import Blu-ray titles. Select an output format (i.e. MP4, WMV) by click Profile drop-down menu. Hit transform to begin converting Blu-ray into your preferred format.

When the whole process is done, you deserve to now put the videos onto your Xbox 360 and also play them.