Section 4. Building of the Automotive department Assembly Plant and also Koromo Plant

Item 9. Advent of the Metric System

Truck specifications convert inches come meters

In conjunction v the begin of operations at the Koromo Plant, a switch to be made native the imperial measurement mechanism (inches and also pounds) to the metric device (meters and also grams).

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The modification Weights and also Measures legislation was promulgated ~ above April 12, 1921 (went into effect July 1, 1924), and Japan embraced the metric system. In ~ the time, however, the traditional Japanese system (which measured size in shaku and weight in kan) remained in widespread use in daily life, and also the imperial system, which had actually been introduced with British and also American machinery, was typically used in production industries.

When Toyoda Automatic impend Works, Ltd. Began manufacturing automobiles, workers came from many different fields, and they arbitrarily supplied the Japanese measurement device with which they were most familiar. In ~ the plant, customs were used alongside sun, bu and also other Japanese devices of measurement were used, with 1 inch being described as 1 sun, one-eighth inch dubbed 1 bu, and one-sixteenth inch dubbed 5 rin. Because of this it was important to be very specific concerning measurements.

By switching measurement equipment from imperial to metric, it became impossible come use earlier parts.1 at the exact same time, jigs, tools, and gauges were replaced, and also it was vital to re-create all drawings. This to be a enormous job the required substantial labor and also expense, however Kiichiro said, "If the automotive industry proceeds using inches, the nation will suffer extreme loss... It would certainly be inexcusable to the citizenry of the future if us did not embrace the metric system, no matter what the sacrifice".

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Part 1. Acquisition on the Automotive BusinessChapter 1. Native Textiles come AutomobilesSection 1. The Inventions and also Ideas the Sakichi ToyodaSection 2. The businesses of Sakichi ToyodaSection 3. Kiichiro Toyoda Invents the automatic LoomSection 4. Facility of Toyoda Automatic loom Works, Ltd.Chapter 2. Facility of the Automotive BusinessSection 1. The Japanese Automotive MarketSection 2. Car PrototypesSection 3. Research and development of simple TechnologySection 4. Building and construction of the Automotive room Assembly Plant and also Koromo PlantSection 5. Wartime Research and ProductionSection 6. Postwar Arrangements and also Labor DisputesSection 7. Modernization that FacilitiesSection 8. Debut that the Toyopet Crown, a Full-Fledged Passenger CarSection 9. Preparations for Mass Production and also Mass SalesPart 2. Entering the Automotive BusinessChapter 1. Mass Production and Continual breakthrough of brand-new ModelsSection 1. Building of Motomachi plant and arrival of TQCSection 2. Motorization and Liberalization that Trade and CapitalSection 3. Advance and Sales of new Models-Promotion of substantial Product LineupSection 4. Tree Construction and ExpansionSection 5. Expansion of Sales equipment in Japan and breakthrough of industries in other CountriesChapter 2. Satisfying publicly NeedsSection 1. Response to recall ProblemsSection 2. Response to rise in traffic AccidentsSection 3. Responding come Emissions ControlsSection 4. Responding come the Oil CrisisSection 5. Production and also Sales systems ReinforcedPart3. Leaping Forward as a worldwide CorporationChapter 1. New Start because that Post-merger Toyota & very first Full-scale Production exterior of JapanSection 1. Voluntary Restraints applied on Exports come U.S.Section 2. Toyota engine Co., Ltd., Toyota motor Sales Co., Ltd. To type Toyota motor CorporationSection 3. Local Production beginning in north AmericaSection 4. Overseas organization Expands GloballySection 5. Brand-new Developments in Japan-U.S. Trade IssuesChapter 2. Expansion of the Japanese Economy and Enhancement the Toyota"s ManagementSection 1. Advancement of Diverse car Lineup and Expansion of residential SalesSection 2. 50th Anniversary and Coping with the solid YenSection 3. Rapid growth of the Japanese industry and advancement of the LexusSection 4. New Business EnterprisesChapter 3. Applying a new Corporate PhilosophySection 1. The Post-bubble Japanese Economy and also Domestic MarketSection 2. An answer to Environmental and also Safety IssuesSection 3. Promo of internal ReformsChapter 4. Rapid expansion of GlobalizationSection 1. Heightened visibility in the north American MarketSection 2. European Operations end up being AutonomousSection 3. Expansion of asian Markets and advancements in OceaniaSection 4. Widening Business in China through Joint VenturesSection 5. Latin America, Africa, and also Middle EastSection 6. Strengthening advance and Sales initiatives in the Japanese MarketSection 7. The features that supported GlobalizationSection 8. Completely IT and Exploring new Energy SourcesChapter 5. RestartSection 1. An international Financial CrisisSection 2. Start of brand-new Management SystemsSection 3. Recommitment come QualitySection 4. Worldwide VisionSection 5. Recurring Difficulties and TrialsSection 6. New Growth Goal


1Kiichiro Toyoda claimed the following concerning the reasons for switching to the metric system:"We switched native the inches that we had actually used until that time come the metric system. In other words, we changed from the measurement units supplied in England and also the United claims to the Japanese way of utilizing the metric system. This expected not only that previous components would no much longer fit and also that we would certainly not be able to produce the previously parts, but likewise the products that we had been utilizing would no much longer be useful-it was crucial to replace various jigs, tools, and also gauges, resulting in substantial losses....Aircraft room being occurred with the metric system, and also if the automotive industry-which is treated through an tantamount stature-continues making use of inches, the nation will suffer a disadvantage. Recent graduates to be educated under the metric system, and it would certainly be exceptionally wasteful because that the automotive market to proceed using inches v the youth who will it is in the leader of tomorrow. It would be inexcusable come the citizenry the the future if we did not adopt the metric system, no matter what the sacrifice" ("Request worrying Transfer come the Koromo tree and brand-new Products", Toyoda Kiichiro Bunsho Shusei, pp. 273-274).