How old is Taylor Swift’s sibling? and also what movies has actually he to be in? Here’s everything you should know around Austin as miss Americana debuts top top Netflix.

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Taylor Swift is about to give a rare understanding into her life top top Netflix documentary, miss Americana, also touching ~ above her family life consisting of brother Austin Swift.

But that is Austin Swift? and also what perform we know around him? likewise in the spotlight together an actor, Taylor’s sibling is paving his very own successful career far from his sister.

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With over fifty percent a million followers on Instagram, here’s whatever you must know about Austin including his movies, age and also his close relationship with Taylor:

Who is Austin Swift and also how old is he?

Taylor Swift’s younger brother, Austin is 27-years-old with his date of birth on march 11 (1992).

He's the just son of Andrea Swift and Scott Swift, the parents he shares through Taylor.

Austin Swift is beginning out his movie career. Picture: PA

What movies has Austin Swift to be in?

Keen no to live turn off his sister’s spotlight, Austin has kept a low-key profile as he provides his means in the acting world.

Austin has starred in movies including Live by Night, I.T. And also We Summon the Darkness.

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Taylor Swift has been a large inspiration to she younger brother. Picture: PA

Are Taylor and also Austin Swift close?

Taylor Swift and her small bro have actually a great relationship. In 2018, ~ above Taylor’s birthday, Austin composed a beautiful post to his sister calling she an inspiration.

He wrote: “It is a singularly beautiful point to check out magic right in front of your eyes. After nearly three years of the happening time and also time again, the impact hasn’t worn off.

“I have always had a best friend, a role model, and also a caring, tireless, devoted champion in mine corner. You have actually pulled me the end of fires and carried me increase mountains. The gift of acquiring to witness you come to be the wonderful person you space today has actually been the biggest privilege and honor of my life.”


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