It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift has actually a lot of her own work-related to promote on she social media channels. But she’s never ever held ago from an enhancing that of other creators, native her ideal friend Selena Gomez to her function models, the Dixie Chicks. Now, she’s offering a shout the end to who she’s known due to the fact that birth: she younger, brother, Austin. What go he job-related on?

Taylor Swift has actually a brother, Austin Swift


Taylor Swift and brother Austin Swift attitude backstage with the actors at the hit musical ‘Kinky Boots’ top top Broadway ~ above November 23, 2016 | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Taylor’s pan (known as Swifties) recognize all about her family. Her father, Scott Swift, was a stockbroker throughout her childhood cultivation up in Pennsylvania. (He recently showed up in her video clip for “The Man.”) She has called her mother, Andrea, her ideal friend on countless occasions. And also then there’s Austin.

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The two siblings show up to be rather close. He’s attended countless events with her over the years, and also was viewed in her documentary Miss Americana. Though young adults space busy through their own careers, they’ve most likely made a many time to watch each other in current years, together they’ve been managing Andrea’s cancer.

She promoted his latest task in April 2020

austinkingsleyswift is just one of my best pals, and also I’m really proud the him due to the fact that he’s in a film that came out today dubbed We Summon The Darkness (which he additionally co-produced). Photo by Gigi. My face expression by 3 glasses of wine. #nationalsiblingsday

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Since release the music video clip for her latest single, “The Man,” Taylor has been relatively quiet on society media, as well as a couple of behind-the-scenes clips. So fans may have been surprised to view her re-superstructure a throwback photo of herself and Austin from she 30th birthday.

“It’s nationwide Siblings Day!” created Taylor in her caption, posted on April 10, 2020. She referred to as Austin “one that best pals,” adding, “I’m really proud that him due to the fact that he’s in a film that come out today referred to as We Summon the Darkness (which he also co-produced.”

What walk Austin Swift execute for a living

well it's Thursday already, believed I had actually posted this method back but anyway, here's a set photo from my an initial film back in 2015, I.T. By john Moore, among the hardest working, kindest human being you'll ever before meet. James, Anna, Pierce, Stefanie and also the whole cast were amazing, talk to me in ~ length about what that was choose to perform what i loved because that a living and I was mesmerized v how experienced the crew and also producers were. The totality experience felt favor a dream ns didn't want to wake up up from. Fresh the end of college and also they took a chance, rental me, and flew me to Dublin. I couldn't think of a far better way to start things out and I'll always be thankful for that. #tbt

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Austin is an actor. He i graduated from the university of Notre Dame in 2015 through a degree in film. Despite he’s simply a couple of years out of school, Austin has currently managed come score roles in projects with some very huge names attached. Instance in point: His very first film, I.T., starred Pierce Brosnan.

Since then, Austin has appeared in Live through Night, a crime drama written, directed by, and starring Ben Affleck, which come out in 2016. He likewise had a role in an illustration of the CMT sitcom Still the King, i beg your pardon starred Billy ray Cyrus. And also despite his sister’s political leanings, he had actually a role in Embeds, a short-lived drama collection produced through Megyn Kelly.

What is ‘We Summon the Darkness’ about?

Austin’s recent project, We Summon the Darkness, is billed as a comedy fear film. That premiered at an excellent Fest in September 2019. The movie stars Alexandra Daddario and also Johnny Knoxville, and also follows a team of fun-loving young adult who, ~ attending a hefty metal concert, discover themselves obtaining into a lot more trouble than they bargained for.

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“Hope you males are continuing to be safe and also doing all right,” created Austin in the inscription for one April 9, 2020, Instagram short article featuring the movie’s poster, as well as a photo of that in it. “In case you’re in search of something come watch, We Summon the Darkness, a film i co-produced and also acted in, is the end and obtainable for download tomorrow.