If you reap marijuana however are told the it’s time because that a firm drug test, that is normal to panic due to the fact that failing the test might of course mean termination of employment. If her immunoassay has actually a reading above 50ng/ml because that weed, you have to undergo a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrogram, and also if the reading is over 15ng/ml, you have officially failed your test.

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With so lot on the line, and also millions of american who usage marijuana every single day, service providers such as Stinger Detox room “cleaning up” by giving products qualified of help you happen the medicine test. In theory, as soon as you consume the product (and follow instructions to the “T”), girlfriend should be able to get previous the medicine test with your job intact — however how effective is it?


Who is Stinger Detox?

The absence of an about Us page on the company website is quite surprising, and much more than a little mysterious. In fact, I found it difficult to learn much of anything in ~ all around the firm, which is always a red flag. In various other words, customer reviews and also common feeling become an essential to ensure that you don’t walk right into a scam.

Stinger Detox optimal Products

The firm has a quite substantial variety of products, so I’m simply going come look at 3 of the many popular.


Stringer instant Detox 5X Extra Strength

If you have an imminent drug test and no time to go on a typical detox program, this product can potentially conserve your skin. It is one of the most an effective products easily accessible on the site, and also costs $55.95 per bottle. The instructions say to use it 60-90 minutes prior to your test, however I recommend giving it 120 minutes together you need time come urinate sufficiently. When you have actually consumed the lining 237 mL worth of liquid, you need to refill the container through water twice and drink it.

For best results, steer clean of dairy products, particularly milk, and try to eat healthy and drink several water a day (or two) before using Stinger prompt Detox. There is also a constant Strength version, i beg your pardon you use in the very same manner. If you weigh over 230 pounds, though, you require two regular bottles. And also finally, the addition of fabricated flavors for taste improvement is constantly a issue — why execute we require a detox drink come taste good?

Stinger 5X 7-Day Extra strength Permatox Liquid


The idea behind this product, and also its continuous strength equivalent, is to help your body cleanse itself within a week. Stinger insurance claims that this permatox liquid will permanently cleanse every one of your body systems, i beg your pardon is one exceptionally bold claim. The 8-ounce bottle costs $49.95, and you are claimed to take it one tablespoon prior to breakfast and another at night before your last meal of the day.

Do this for 7 days, and you must feel the impacts (though be sure to steer clean of dairy commodities 20 minutes before use). Like all of Stinger’s range, this product is no approved by the FDA.

Stinger Detox whole Body Cleanser 1 Hr. Liquid

This is Stinger’s most well-known whole-body cleanser, and also it is draft to remove toxins from all of your significant systems. For finest results, start detoxing 48 hours before use by adding vegetables to your diet, steering clean of alcohol, tobacco, weed and other toxins, and drink plenty of water.

Use the 60-90 minutes prior to your test and also refill the bottle with water four times and drink that (you will must consume 2 bottles if you weigh over 230 pounds). Ingredients include both natural and artificial flavors, guar gum, citric acid, creatine monohydrate, a one-of-a-kind “Stinger Mineral Cleansing Blend,” potassium sorbate and vitamin B2. An 8-ounce bottle at this time costs $21.95.


Are Stinger Detox’s assets Effective? What carry out Customers Say?

While there are mixed reviews, it seems as if Stinger decoding has much more negative mentions virtual than confident ones. As a center smoker, I meant the extra strength immediate detox to work-related far much more effectively than it did. I purchased an at-home urine test and failed that 90 minute after making use of the detox product. Ns tried a 2nd test around an hour later (after urinating a lot of more), and also just around squeezed by. Therefore, the is ideal to neglect the 60-90 minutes instruction and try using it 120-150 minutes prior to the test.

The extra solid permatox mix is exceptionally ineffective and also not precious the money it costs. Even when girlfriend consume a gallon of water every day v the drink, and steer clean of toxins, you’re not going to pass a check after a week if you’re anything much more than a center smoker.

The ingredients are standard detox fare and also I continue to wonder why companies include creatine come supposedly ‘fast acting’ products. Creatine doesn’t take impact for 48 hours, so the is completely useless because that a ‘1-hour’ decoding drink. You can use a multivitamin come replicate the results of the B2 and also there is no dissolve fiber in the products, i m sorry is a need for any kind of detox drink come work. Finally, the so-called Stinger Mineral Cleansing Blend could be just around anything, and since it no FDA authorized or lab tested, over there is no informing what’s inside.

Stinger decoding Highlights

Easy to use.Relatively inexpensive.Possibly works if you room a middle weed user.Potentially works within two hours of consumption.A wide variety of decoding products.Works an extremely well on tobacco smokers.

Stinger decoding Downsides

Completely ineffective for permanent or hefty marijuana users.The 7-day detox product doesn’t occupational at all.The perform of ingredient doesn’t inspire confidence.The Stinger Mineral Cleansing blend sounds like a dubious marketing ploy.There is very little information about the brand easily accessible online.

How to acquisition Stinger decoding Products

The main Stinger detox website has actually an impressive list the products, including SuperMAXX decoding Accelerator, Folli-Kleen Hair Cleanser, Mouthwash, and Whole-Body Cleanser in caplet kind (if friend don’t desire to consume the fluid version). The commodities are also widely available on Amazon.


I noticed that the product reviews on the website don’t ‘fit’ v those I uncovered on Amazon. Almost every items on the website has a 5-star review however on Amazon, several of these commodities have an typical of below three stars. While we don’t expect carriers to post a big number of negative reviews, it would certainly be quite to short article a few for the benefits of balance. Only enabling positive reviews is misleading in the extreme.

Final think on Stinger Detox

To it is in honest, ns was less than impressed v Stinger detox from the outset, specifically considering ns was can not to find any kind of information about the agency on its site. Once was the founded, because that example? and by whom? this are simple details one would certainly expect any reputable firm to divulge. Also, you only find out the ingredient after to buy the products because that data is no visible top top the website.

Overall, there is small to introduce Stinger detox as one of two people a cleanser or a method of happen your medicine test. If you space a marijuana user and need to get ‘clean’, very closely controlled dilution is a much better option. If you are a middle or irradiate smoker and also Stinger’s products work, it is probably as much to carry out with the amount of water you drink than what is inside the bottle.

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Final Verdict: 3/10 

If you are looking for a decoding product, we’ve tested fairly a couple of different products. Listed below are the results from commodities we do the efforts out.